The "Real World New Orleans" cast was, as is usual for the show, a diverse mix of folks from around the world. The 2010 season of the "Real World" was the second time that New Orleans had been used as the host city; it was originally used in the ninth season of the show, back in 2000. The 2010 season showcased the differences among people who come from different backgrounds, races and sexual preferences, with those differences often leading to confrontations among the "Real World New Orleans" cast members. But isn't confrontation what it's all about when people "stop being polite, and start being real"?

  1. Jemmye Carrol. Jemmye Carrol is from a conservative small town in Mississippi, but is generally pretty liberal. She's also a bit of a party girl. She has several tattoos and is very close to her mother, even to the point of discussing intimate details of her life.

  2. McKenzie Coburn. McKenzie Coburn is from the small town of Jupiter, Florida and is from a fairly devout Catholic background. Despite that, she's a hard partier, to the point that her drinking concerns some of the other "Real World New Orleans" cast members.

  3. Sahar Dika. Sahar Dika hails from Michigan, and is a "strong willed, liberal Muslim" according to the MTV press sheets. She developed a bit of an attraction to her fellow "Real World New Orleans" cast mate, Eric, during the run of the show. Dikar is pursuing a musical career, although she does suffer from a lack of confidence in her talent.

  4. Ashlee Feldman. Ashlee Feldman is a cute brunette from New Jersey. She's loves sports and was a jock in high school. She's now working on a degree in communications, and hopes to become a sport announcer.

  5. Ryan Knight. Ryan Knight was a hockey player, but unfortunate injuries caused him to lose his scholarship to Arizona State. He's now studying at the University of Milwaukee, aiming for a degree in marketing.

  6. Ryan Leslie. Ryan Leslie is a hair dresser who hopes to someday be a stylist to the stars. He was generally a poor housemate, due to his bizarre and inconsiderate behavior. His confrontations with his fellow "Real World New Orleans" cast members let to him leaving the show before the season was over.

  7. Eric Patrick. Eric Patrick is a wannabe stand up comedian who happens to work for the U.S. State Department. He's considered a ladies' man, and had a crush on fellow "Real World New Orleans" cast member Sahar Dika.

  8. Preston Roberson. Preston Roberson is an outgoing gay African-American man, currently living in Boston. He and cast member Ryan Leslie had several confrontations throughout the course of the show, culminating in Roberson's call to the police after Leslie urinated on his toothbrush.