Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

Monday, September 5 by E. Newman

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	The "<a href=Real World New Orleans" 2010 cast was the second set of twenty-something's to be filmed for reality TV in the city by MTV. The cast featured a mixture of conservative, ideal and rough backgrounds, but all shared one thing in common. That common ground was a willingness to listen to opposing perspectives and welcome new experiences.


Knight Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

A former athlete, Knight lost his scholarship at Arizona State University due to a serious injury. He joined the cast of "Real World New Orleans" with a determination to get his life back on track after battling an addiction to painkillers. Having recently switched his major to marketing, Knight is looking to escape what he considers to be a negative life back home.


Jemmye Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

Jemmye is a bit of a social progressive who openly supports gay marriage and legal marijuana. She is also frank about her enjoyment of casual sex and isn't squeamish about sharing the details with her mother, Alice. Jemmye begins her "Real World New Orleans" adventure after escaping an abusive relationship.


 eric Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

With a smooth complexion and beautiful eyes, it's obvious to see why this "Real World New Orleans" cast member has an easy time with the ladies. He juggles two polar opposite careers; one in stand-up comedy and another as a foreign service officer for the U.S. State Department. He is successful in the pursuit of both, but his heart lies in making others laugh.


Sahar Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

Growing up in a conservative town hasn't held this "Real World New Orleans" 2010 cast member back. Sahar is an assertive woman who isn't afraid to flirt a little. She joins the cast as an aspiring singer and songwriter who is looking to explore opportunities in her new found community. 


Ashlee Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

As another "Real World New Orleans" 2010 cast member who is coming fresh from a break-up, Ashlee is looking for something new and exciting. She's a successful athlete and wants to pursue a career as a sports reporter. Ashlee is a small-town girl, but that doesn't mean that she's naive.


Preston Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

Preston grew up in a difficult family environment, but he doesn't let that stop him from being a good person or having an enjoyable life. As the only openly gay member of the house, Preston joins "Real World New Orleans" with a determination to steal the spotlight. He thrives on confrontation and isn't afraid to speak his mind.


McKenzie Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

McKenzie is the sweet girl of the house. She's a psychology major and sorority sister from Central Florida who knows how to be true to her Catholic faith without limiting her social opportunities. This "Real World New Orleans" 2010 cast member is ready to make a difference in the hurricane stricken area.


Ryan Real World New Orleans 2010 Cast

Ryan has a history of emotional instability and mental illness when he joins the cast of the "Real World." He has a creative streak with lots of energy and hopes to someday become a personal hairstylist to the stars. Ryan is sensitive, emotional, whimsical and opinionated.

– Helen Akers

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