You're going to love this list of the "Real World DC" cast, especially if you're a reality TV aficionado. The following "Real World DC" cast members contributed to one of the most successful seasons of the "Real World" yet, each in their own unique way. If you're looking for a great reason to start watching this groundbreaking show, be sure to check out these "Real World DC" cast members and then watch their antics in front of the cameras!

  1. Andrew Woods. This comic book creator and artist is one of the most sensational "Real World DC" cast members. Someone who never passes off the chance to offend, he was known in college for drawing politically-incorrect comics. On the show, he's a lovable scamp who tries his best with the women around him, though tends to fail miserably, adding to his endearing features.

  2. Ashley Lindley. The political voice of the "Real World DC" cast members, this fiery Portuguese woman suffered abuse at an early age and thus turned to her friends for comfort. She spends a majority of the season looking for love while coming to ideological clashes with her roommates, especially with her extremely liberal viewpoints. She's an avid reader, giving her a huge fan base among the "Real World DC" viewers.

  3. Callie Walker. One of the most free-spirited "Real World DC" cast members, this vegan is a small-town girl with dreams of being a photographer. Though she grew up in a small area, she's definitely one of the more open-minded people on the cast, which helps her establish a great rapport with the viewers of the program.

  4. Emily Schromm. After being raised in a "cult-like" atmosphere, Emily developed a devil-may-care attitude and a skepticism of religion that made her a favorite of many "Real World DC" viewers. She's a tomboy who doesn't stray away from athletics and is a very open-minded member of the "Real World DC" cast, especially when it comes to the question of bisexuality.

  5. Erika Wasilewski. A lover of all things rock, Erika is a singer and songwriter who loves to be the center of attention. She's a constant flow of artistic talent and a welcome addition to the "Real World DC" cast members, serving as a great foil to many of the cast members' political viewpoints. She's easily one of the most popular "Real World DC" cast members.

  6. Josh Colon. Hailing from Philadelphia, Josh loves being the center of attention as a singer/songwriter/dancer, specializing in rap and glam rock. He describes himself as a ladies' man, though tends to be unfaithful to his partner once he enters into a relationship. He wants to stay in the limelight, hoping to be a professional writer or actor later on in life.

  7. Mike Manning. Raised in a conservative household, Mike might seem like a walking contradiction. Recently coming out as a bisexual, he works with the Human Rights Campaign and the Energy Action Coalition. He's a former prom king and high school athlete, giving him all the appeal of a small-town golden boy. He's one of the "Real World DC" cast members that's the easiest to identify with, even if one might not share the same issues he's working through.

  8. Ty Ruff. This opinionated African-American man is one of the most bombastic "Real World DC" cast members. Coming from a series of foster homes, he recently declared himself an atheist who has no problems sharing his view on religion with others. He's a laid-back ladies man who is not afraid to crack a joke, but is also known to have a bit of a temper.