"The Real World Cancun" Cast proved to be a great source of entertainment for reality TV viewers in 2009. All in their early 20s at the time the show was filmed, the cast of "The Real World Cancun" brought a mixture of youthful freedom, sensitive maturity, and open sexual exploration. As usual, this "Real World" cast featured an even mix of four guys and four girls, along with a few cast members that were bound to clash.

Derek: As a recently single guy, Derek was looking to play. This "Real World Cancun" cast member was also openly gay, with an ex-boyfriend that couldn't seem to let go. Derek fit the mold of the "nice, overachiever," whom everyone seemed to like.

Jonna: A 21 year old who left a committed relationship on hold in her hometown to join the cast of "The Real World Cancun". Featured on the show as biracial and beautiful, her challenge was to remain faithful to her boyfriend. Her flirtatious side, however, seemed to get the best of her.

Joey: Joey fit the role of the "bad boy" of the house. This is a "Real World Cancun" cast member that wasn't shy about his intentions. He was in Cancun to be the first house member to hook-up. His rocker lifestyle included a problem with binge drinking that haunted him while he was on the show.

Jasmine: A petite, but vivacious "Real World Cancun" cast member, Jasmine brought along some baggage of her own. With a history of choosing inappropriate men, she was sure to find trouble in paradise. A former cheerleading competitor, Jasmine yearned to gain the attention of those around her.

CJ: Somewhat obsessed with his physique, CJ is a "Real World" cast member who also left a budding relationship at home. The long-distance proved to be too much for the wannabe-be player. Apparently, this is one cast member who admitted to "strong sexual urges" that stopped him from committing to Christianity.

Emilee: The "sensitive," "emotional" one of the group, Emilee had a strikingly different reason for joining The "Real World Cancun" cast. She was looking for an opportunity for personal change and growth. Obviously her parents' therapist occupation costively rubbed off on her.

Bronne: Known as the bar-fighting comedian, Bronne found a way to romance an older woman while starring on "The Real World Cancun". Not afraid to show off his toned and athletic body, this cast member loved to be the center of attention. Bronne definitely displayed his wild and crazy side in Mexico.

Ayiiia: This "Real World Cancun" cast member won a spot on the show through the show's casting site. A former hard partier with a history of self-esteem issues, Ayiiia had trouble making friends with her female roommates. She wasn't exactly known for being nice and sweet.

-Helen Akers