Lovers of reality television need to know the "Real World Brooklyn" cast. The cast of "Real World Brooklyn" is a varied group full of diverse individuals who definitely made one of the strongest seasons yet. If you know anything about the "Real World Brooklyn," then you know that the "Real World Brooklyn" cast had its own share of drama and action in The Big Apple.

  1. Baya Voce. Hailing from Salt Lake City, this pretty young female is one of the most socially-active in the house. She's an aspiring hip-hop DJ and dancer who is always willing to be the life of the party. She describes having been raised by "hippie" parents.

  2. Chet Cannon. A self-described "punk rock Mormon," he's one of the most memorable "Real World Brooklyn" cast members. He's one of ten children and is in a fraternity at the University of Utah. He has taken it upon himself to show the world that Mormons have a wild side, too.

  3. Devyn Simone. A former Miss Teen Missouri and Miss America Teen, this black woman has her fair share of suitors and admirers. She takes this in stride by juggling multiple lovers and being a flirtatious diva. She is definitely a fan favorite member of the "Real World Brooklyn" cast.

  4. JD Ordonez. A half Cuban, half Puerto Rican gay man, JD suffered from years of abuse at the hands of his father, who couldn't handle his son's sexuality. He dreamt of becoming a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld, which he realized after graduating from college. He's seen as one of the most mature "Real World Brooklyn" cast members. 

  5. Katelynn Cusanelli. One of the most controversial "Real World Brooklyn" cast members, she's an Italian-American trans-woman who completed her complete gender reassignment prior to coming onto the show. She's a self-described computer geek who holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She also hopes to be a mother one day.

  6. Ryan Conklin. Ryan is a three-year Army veteran and one of the more politically-charged "Real World Brooklyn" cast members. After witnessing the horrors of war, he's come back to America with a new vision on life and a love of humor. He enjoys amateur film-making and playing pranks on those around him.

  7. Sarah Rice. An opinionated artist who uses her work as a way of coping with the sexual abuse she's endured, she has given herself the mission of inspiring those around her to cope with trauma through creativity. Known for her no-nonsense attitude and many tattoos, she's definitely one of the most outspoken, and thus popular, "Real World Brooklyn" cast members.

  8. Scott Herman. A self-described "musclehead," he's been working out for a majority of his life and likes it that way. He's the first in his family to attend college and is now a personal trainer. He's trying to make his break into the modeling industry, having been noted as having some of the best abs on the East Coast.