All of these "Survivor 20" cast members played the game at least three times. Some succeeded in outwitting, outlasting, and outplaying fellow players, while others have never made it to final tribal council. Season 20 was, "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" which pinned ten of the most fan-favorite heroes against ten of the most devious villains. "Survivor 20" cast members were at a disadvantage since they knew how each other played, and operated. Some players switched up their game, while others played the only way they knew how.

Sandra Diaz-Twine. Sassy Sandra was the "Survivor 20" cast member who took down all the heroes and villains to win the million dollar prize. It was her second time playing, and her second time winning, making Sandra Diaz-Twine the first survivor to ever win the game twice. The loud-mouthed wife and mother of two is non-athletic, extremely confrontational, and hard headed. She can out shout, and out strategize anyone with her "as long as it ain't me" motto. This "Survivor 20" cast member won twice by helping around camp and using her lack of athletic ability to seem like a non-physical threat post-merge.

Parvati Shallow. Previously, Shallow won "Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites," but this time around the jury was not on her side. As a "Survivor 20" cast member Parvati tried the same tactics that won her "Survivor Micronesia," which was flirting her way to the million dollars. That got her to the end, but not the win, making her the runner up on "Survivor 20." Shallow was on the villain team due to her highly powerful flirtation technique, which she uses to control players. She was 27-years-old at the time of "Survivor 20," and the immediate threat to vote out, yet she almost won. She is one of the few "Survivor" players who looks attractive playing the game. Let's face it, after going 39-days without showering no one should look sexy, but Parvati Shallow somehow does.

Russell Hantz. As a "Survivor 20" cast member he was part of the villain tribe, but the other cast members didn't know why because his debut season had not aired yet. That was good for Hantz considering he terrorized his fellow "Survivor 19" tribe mates, which was a tactic he kept during season 20. Hantz brings the phrase "playing dirty" to another level; and by watching his gameplay you would never guess he is married with four children. He never seems to learn from past mistakes because even though his cruel and rude manner got him to the end both seasons, a bitter jury never awarded him the money. When not playing "Survivor" he is running a multi-million dollar oil-tanking business.

Colby Donaldson. He is one of the elite players who found stardom outside of being a "Survivor" contestant. Before becoming a hero on "Survivor 20" he was a runner-up on "Survivor: Australia," and an early boot on "Survivor: All-Stars." He was known for his strength, and ability to win challenges, that is until he became a "Survivor 20" cast member. Donaldson was so awful in challenges that he became the last remaining hero before the dominating villain alliance voted him out on day 37. Despite his poor performance on the show, he landed the hosting job for The History Channel's reality show "Top Shop," which is still an active television series.

Jerri Manthey. This "Survivor 20" cast member may have played the game three times, but she has yet to be in the finals. She came close in "Survivor 20," and was the last player voted out before final tribal council. Previously, Manthey was the 8th player out in "Survivor: The Australian Outback," and 7th out on "Survivor: All-Stars." During "The Australian Outback" Manthey obtained the title of villain by shamelessly flirting with any and every man to further her game. In 2001 she capitalized on her sex appeal by appearing on the cover of "Playboy." During season 20 Manthey was 39-years-old and showed she matured by losing her bad girl attitude, which made her a boring character.