You may ask yourself, what is a Jersey Shore nickname and why would anybody rank the top five Jersey Shore nicknames?  A Jersey Shore nickname is one popularized by MTV's hit show, "The Jersey Shore.  This featured a group of eight Italian-American housemates coming together to live in the Jersey Shore.  The show features a very flamboyant cast and many of them have given themselves or been given a nickname.  These outlandish nicknames are now becoming the basis for numerous Jersey Shore nickname generators on the internet and other people are taking on their own Jersey Shore nicknames.  Here are the top five Jersey Shore nicknames from the original show, "The Jersey Shore."

"The Situation"  Michael Sorrentino has reached new lengths of stardom from his time on The Jersey Shore.  He has been on "Dancing With The Stars."  He has signed commercial contracts and more.  The reason he has this nickname is because his abs are so ripped that they become a situation.  He takes the top spot on this list for almost creating a persona out of his nickname that he uses constantly on the TV show. 

"Snooki"  Nicole Polizzi obtained this nickname by being the first person at her school to make out with a boy.  She takes the cake for having the most unique nickname out of the bunch and probably having the wildest personality on the show.  If there is drama, it is no doubt that Snooki is involved and that is what puts her towards the top of Jersey Shore nicknames.

"Pauly D"  Every DJ needs a nickname and that is what Paul DelVecchio has created for himself with Pauly D.  It may not be as original as the top two nicknames but it is well-known and creating a brand for Paul to branch out into at the close of this show.  He is scheduled to star in his own reality show that follows him throughout his DJ gigs.

"JWoww"  JWoww is fitting for the top five Jersey Shore nicknames because it symbolizes how people are supposed to react when they see Jennifer Farley.  She prides herself on her body making others say "wow."

"Sammi Sweetheart"  Last place on the top five Jersey Shore nicknames is that of Sammi Giancola.  She is rarely ever called by this nickname but it is still considered hers. The nickname lacks the flamboyancy that the other nicknames showcase.