Actress Natalie Nunn's biography is rather impressive for a reality television star. Nunn, from the hit reality show "The Bad Girl's Club,"  is a California native, born December 26, 1984 to parents Earl and Karen Nunn of the Bay Area.  Her ethnicity is unique, a combination of African American, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian.

Natalie Nunn's biography is as unique as her attitude towards the Hollywood life. At twenty-four years old, this sexy, self-proclaimed socialite claims she runs Los Angeles. Don’t let that surprise you though, because Nunn has a fiercely competitive side to her. Her biography wouldn't be complete without including the actresses' love for competition.Growing up, her competitive side sparked a natural talent for athletics. Her success with sports almost matches her success in the reality television world. Nunn’s senior year on school' target='_blank'>high school, she was awarded the title of most valuable offensive player at Aragorn High School in San Mateo, California; she also played club soccer for the De Anza Force the year they won the 2003 state championship and for the University of Southern California all four years of college. Nunn's athletic biography doesn't stop there though, she ran track in high school too, and competed in the 2002 Junior Olympics.

Off the field, Nunn is just as competitive. Her biography includes a degree from USC, where she double majored in sociology and communications, before returning home to Pleasanton, California to open a boutique. When asked about how she landed a role on the reality television series, she admits, "I hadn't seen the first few seasons but heard about the show. I sent a tape, and they had me come down for interviews. I went through the process but didn't give up. I was honest when I auditioned — it was just me.”

Nunn says filming the season 4 series of “The Bad Girls Club” was unforgettable. "It's entertainment,” she says. “It is my life, but at the same time it's an experience. People will love or hate you, and it's like the country we live in — freedom of speech. I have no regrets. It was a great learning experience."

Nunn always makes time to visit her parents back home. However, she plans to continue to run L.A; no doubt her biography will continue to impress the world of Hollywood as she takes her bad girl attitude and competitive nature to the next level.