Music From The Hills

Monday, August 15 by Amanda Ferguson

Music From The Hills

The music from "The Hills" captures each moment in the show poignantly. Some music is by up and coming artists that relate to the show's key demographic. However, all of the music features indie rock as well as some mainstream artists. Some of the best music is very subtle but resonates with the show's themes and characters.

"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield.

Natasha Bedingfield Music From The Hills

As "The Hills" theme song, this song gets played each episode. The song is about an un-scripted life that has yet to unfold. Much like the cast of "The Hills" they have a lot of unwritten things to look forward to. This song is the jumping off point for the rest of the music in each episode. It is upbeat and optimistic about the future, which is what a lot of these starry-eyed teenagers tend to be like.

"Feel" by Marie Digby.

 Marie Digby Music From The Hills

This heavy hitting ballad comes from a scene when Audrina tells Lo that she is going to meet with Justin one last time. Audrina simply wants closure and has a swirling amount of feelings that Justin brings up to her. The music for "The Hills" is picked perfectly for each scene, this song and scene are no exception considering the heart wrenching context that it is under.

"Blame It On The Changes" by Dashboard Confessional.

Dashboard Confessional  Music From The Hills

This song comes from an episode of "The Hills" when Kristin is packing to leave her gorgeous and emotionally filled summer house. However, Justin decides to visit her one last time in order tell her how he fills. This music is hand picked especially for this scene. As Dashboard Confessional asks the question if a relationship is going to survive all of the turmoil that theirs will have.

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