One way in which to read more about some of the wackiest people on reality television is by looking at a list of MTV "Real World" DC cast members. "The Real World: Washington, DC" was the 23rd installment of the MTV "The Real World" reality series, which started airing in 1992. The Washington, DC series premiered in the winter of 2009 and ended in the spring of 2010.

  1. Blond and baby-faced Andrew Woods is a goofy and flirtatious cast member of "The Real World: Washington, DC". The Denver, Colorado native is well-known in his local area for his oftentimes politically incorrect and controversial comic book creations. Andrew is an alumni of Colorado State University, and previously worked on "The Rocky Mountain Collegian," which is the university's daily paper.

  2. Ty Ruff is an MTV "Real World" DC cast member who suffered through a tough childhood, having been shuffled around through a series of foster residences before his adoption. The Trinity College graduate and economics major can be a smooth player with the ladies and also has a quick sense of humor. Just before entering the "Real World" house in DC, he ended a long-term relationship with his girlfriend.

  3. Emily Schromm is a fresh-faced Midwestern native who had an unusual upbringing amidst a Christian cult. Emily left the cult of her own volition and is notable for her adventurous and fearless spirit. She also is an avid athlete. During the show, she has a short romantic dalliance with Ty.

  4. Mike Manning might appear on the surface to be the stereotypical All-American frat boy and jock. However, Mike discovered just a few short years before beginning his stint on the "Real World: Washington, DC" cast that he is a homosexual. Mike stated on the program that part of the reason he came to Washington, DC is to escape the troubles of his past at home in Colorado, where not everyone accepts his sexuality.

  5. Curly-haired Josh Colon is a Philadelphia native and aspiring rapper and musician. Although Josh has a serious girlfriend at home in Pennsylvania, he mentions that he finds it hard to stay loyal and faithful to her while he is so far away. Josh, who is of mixed Italian and Puerto Rican heritage, also expresses a desire to break into the acting world.

  6. Erika Lauren Wasilewski is a striking redhead from Chicago, Illinois. Erika is a singer and songwriter who is a member of a group known by the name of "A Quiet Capture." Throughout the "Real World: Washington, DC," Erika often conveys feelings of loneliness, depression and frustration in her life, particularly about her career.

  7. Callie Walker is a bubbly, pretty blonde from small town Texas. Erika suffers from low self-esteem in regard to her body, and wishes to one day become a successful photographer. Erika enjoys a healthy lifestyle and follows a strict vegan diet.

  8. Ashley Lindley is an attractive California native of Portuguese background. For her boyfriend, she moved to Houston, Texas, but openly dislikes the city and its culture, weather and political atmosphere. The fiercely liberal Ashley was an active support of President Obama during his campaigning, and served as one of his delegates in Las Vegas.

-Isabel Prontes