For those that want to learn more about MTV reality television stars, one way in which to do so is by reading about the MTV "16 and Pregnant" Season 2 cast. "16 and Pregnant" is a reality program that started airing in the early summer of 2009. The MTV series depicts the lives of young high school women who have gotten pregnant, and all of the various trials and tribulations that a teenage pregnancy can bring. The second "16 and Pregnant" season aired from the beginning to the end of 2010.

  1. Nikkole Paulun was an MTV 16 and Pregnant season 2 cast member. The blonde cheerleader and Michigan native encountered some early turmoil with her pregnancy. As soon as she informed her teenage boyfriend Josh about the situation, he promptly broke up with her, only to get back together with her again later on in the pregnancy. Nikkole's entire pregnancy on the show was characterized be fighting and tension with Josh.

  2. Jenelle Evans appeared on the kickoff show for the second "16 and Pregnant" season. The brunette North Carolina resident was a notorious hard partier (after the show she was arrested for possession of marijuana). The fact that the Andrew (the father of Jenelle's unborn baby) was incarcerated, also added to her pregnancy woes.

  3. Leah Messer was a curly-locked teen from rural West Virginia. Leah quickly became pregnant after dating Corey, who was the first relationship she had after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie. On "16 and Pregnant," Leah and Corey had difficulties in seeing things eye to eye and getting alone. Leah gave birth to twin girls named Aleeah Grace and Aliannah Hope.

  4. Ashley Salazar was a 17 year-old Texan that, while on "16 and Pregnant," had an emotional time determining whether or not to keep her unborn baby or give it up for adoption. Throughout show, Ashley changed her mind several times on whether to let her aunt and uncle raise her baby daughter, Callie. In the end, her relatives were granted custody of Callie.

  5. Megan McConnell was a punky Colorado girl with blonde and bright pink hair. The "16 and Pregnant" cast member became impregnated by her boyfriend Nathan, who then moved in to her house to live with her. This move prompted tension between Megan's mother and Nathan, as her mother felt that he was a problem due to his not attending school or working.

  6. Kayla Jordan was a sunny pageant queen from Alabama who became pregnant by her mechanic boyfriend, J.R. After Kayla becomes pregnant, J.R. proposed to her, which made her feel hesitant and worried, and that her life was changing too rapidly. Kayla gave birth prematurely to a son that she named Ryan Jason.

  7. Christinna Robinson (formerly Cook) was a New Yorker that, upon moving to Alabama had a difficult time adjusting to small town life. This major life change lead to her becoming pregnant at the age of 17. Christinna, throughout her pregnancy, also had the stress of having to deal her boyfriend Isaiah's rather opinionated parents.

  8. Aubrey Wolters was an Arizona high school dropout that became pregnant with her boyfriend Brandon's baby. Aubrey's pregnancy was particularly difficult due to the fact that her boyfriend was unemployed and they had to reside at her sick grandmother's home. Aubrey later gave birth to a boy named Austin Carter.

  9. Kailyn Lowry was a blonde-haired Pennsylvania teenager who handled a stressful pregnancy due to the lack of emotional support from her mother. During her pregnancy, Kailyn decides that she wanted to meet her deadbeat father who abandoned her at a young age. She discovered upon visiting him that they shared very little.

  10. Lizzie Waller was a Virginia high schooler that continued her studies vigorously throughout the duration of her pregnant, in an attempt to receive her diploma. Against her father's wishes, Lizzie accepted her boyfriend Skylar's marriage proposal, and later gave birth to a daughter named Summer Jayde.

-Duncan Jones