In Season 8, Adam Lambert's "American Idol" performances were without a doubt some of the most memorable in the history of the talent show. The incredibly talented Adam ended up not winning but being the runner up to that year's winner, Kris Allen. However, Adam has done extremely well for himself, as most all "American Idol" runner ups do, and it's no doubt due partly to his amazing performances on Season 8.

"Mad World". In what many consider to be Adam Lambert's finest "American Idol" performance, he sang a beautiful, muc unknown song by Tears For Fears. The song sent shivers up the spines of many fans and proved to America that Lambert was not just a great rock singer but an all around incredible singer in general.

"Black Or White". One of Adam Lambert's earlier "American Idol" performances saw him singing a Michael Jackson hit. Lambert did the song justice and scored good marks with the "Idol" judges.

"Born To Be Wild". The week Adam Lambert performed this classic Steppenwolf hit, he proved himself as a definite contender and left no doubt in anyone's mind that he was a hard rocker! He received particularly high marks with "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson for this performance.

"Ring of Fire". During Grand Ol' Opry week in Season 8 of "American Idol," Adam Lambert performed a famous Johnny Cash song. With this performance, he showed his incredible versatility as well as his amazing range.

"One". Singing one of the greatest U2 songs, Adam Lambert earned the respect of everyone, including U2's lead singer, Bono. This American Idol performance wowed millions and highlighted Lambert's sensitivity as a performer.