When you watch these “Modern Marvel” episodes you will be truly amazed at the huge structures and how they are built. From enormous buildings to amazing storm water pumping systems, the “Modern Marvels” episodes show you the biggest and the most amazing structures ever built. They cover not only present day construction but the things that were marvels back in the day.

  1. Secret Underground – Season 15, Episode 27 – We knew that Uncle Sam was everywhere but under our feet? It seems that there are military installations in mines and tunnels under the ground. Viewers also get a look into underground farming and even a neutron laser in this “Modern Marvels” episode.

  2. Dogs – Season 15, Episode 25 – Man’s bestfriend is investigated on this episode of “Modern Marvels.” Viewers learn about the complexity of the dog's sense of hearing, smell, and much more. They are shown how a dog can be trained to search for anything from missing people to drugs in luggage.

  3. The Transcontinental Railroad – Season 1, Episode 1 – The very first episode of “Modern Marvels” takes you back in time to the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. It shows the trials and tribulations from the start to the pounding of the last spike.

  4. Las Vegas Hotels – Season 4, Episode 2 – From the beginnings of erecting of a town in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas has been somewhat of a marvel. This episode of “Modern Marvels” takes you back to the building of the first hotels to the present day glimmer and lights that line the Strip.

  5. Trucks – Season 6, Episod 24 – “Modern Marvels” shows viewers how industries have been dependent on trucks and trucking since their beginning. They tour a museum that has the very first trucks ever built up until present day vehicles

- Sandy Baird