"Manswers" episodes are an excellent source for getting the truth behind some pretty taboo questions. This show is tailored to men mostly, but women may find it somewhat intriguing. Their episodes explore some interesting topics and they use expert advice, reenactments, and on the street questions. Spike TV has certainly brought some answers to light for men everywhere.

  1. "Alls Well That Ends Happy." Season 1, Episode 4. This episode of "Manswers" asks some pretty legitimate questions. They want to know what happens when you get stuck in outer space without a space suit. They reenact this scenario with gruesome detail. They also research ways to pass a drug test if you've been smoking weed the day before. Another topic discussed is how sex can effect your football game. Evidently coaches require no sex before big games, "Manswers" asks the question, Why? And for the medical spectrum, they teach viewers how to dig out their own bullets from their bodies. One last topic is learning how to get a happy ending from a professional massage parlor.

  2. "Win That Stripper." Season 1, Episode 9. In this episode of "Manswers" they pose the following questions with rigor and the utmost scientific research. They want to know and explore the possibilities of how one goes about killing a bear with their hands. They also try to learn how much a man actually farts on a given day. With that question being asked, they also try to figure out what smell turns women on the most. Another question is how can a man get high legally. As well as, which nationality puts out the most on the first date. On that same note, they try to learn about how one can take a stripper home as well as who drives better, men or women?

  3. "Cell Phones and Drug Mules." Season 3, Episode 9. As many men are always curious about how to get laid in any spectrum, this episode of "Manswers" wants to figure out how to get laid on a speeding motorcycle. They also pose the question of what happens when a drug mule's load explodes on an airplane. How long until he is dead? The next topic is an issue of international safety. They explore statistics and try to figure out where the world's most dangerous hookers reside. They also decide to do a piece about an artist who only paints pictures with his penis. The final question is how can a cell phone give women bigger boobs.