"Man Vs. Food" Chicago restaurants are all about pushing the limits of the human body. The food is delicious, collosal, and down right insane. Restaurants in Chicago are some of the best in the country, but Adam Richman makes it a point to get to the places where only few have had to challenge food - and attempt to win.

Al's Beef. This Chicago restaurant offers one of America's best Italian beef sandwiches. Al's Beef is a franchise and there are several locations. "Man Vs. Food" visited their downtown Chicago location in the episode, "Da Italian Stance." Adam makes a special trip to this fine Chicago restaurant and decides for himself if the famous Italian Beef Sandwich is as special as everyone claims it is. Al's Beef is located at 3420 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657.

Lucky's Sandwich Co. With three locations in Chicago, this local favorite is known as "The Home of the Overstuffed Sandwich." Their famous sandwich includes meat, cheese, fresh cut french fries, coleslaw and tomatoes. The "Lucky's Overstuffed Sandwich Challenge" is where "Man Vs. Food" comes to play. Adam Richman attempts to eat three of the Overstuffed Sandwiches with meats of his choosing in one hour. Adam couldn't take any bathroom breaks, had to leave the basket completely empty, and couldn't vomit afterwards. All of this to be on the Lucky's Wall of Fame. You can give it a try at 3472 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60657.

Ginos' East of Chicago. Supposedly, the original Chicago Deep Dish Pizza originated here. Of course, "Man Vs. Food" needed to see for themselves. Adam Richman isn't one to shy away from a local original. The Chicago Deep Dish has been in direct conflict with the New York style pizza. Any food fanatic needs to weigh in on their opinion. Which does Adam prefer? Wach the episode and find out! Gino's East of Chicago is located at 633 North Wells, Chicago, IL 60610.