There certainly wasn't a shortage of funny American Idol 2010 auditions. Season 9 of American Idol premiered on January 12, 2010, showcasing auditions that were held at seven cities across the nation. The 2010 contestants included the musically challenged, physically awkward and just plain weird.

Larry Platt. A hip political activist, 62-year-old Platt was clearly looking to make a splash when he entered the room during the Atlanta auditions. Giving voice to the legions of senior citizens who don't understand the baggy pants look, Platt sung his original song "Pants on the Ground" to the uncontrollable laughter of guest judge Mary J. Blige and the others. The song, which chides people for "lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground with the gold in your mouth," was accompanied with old man breakdancing. Even Cowell cracked a smile. Platt's performance has since become a viral hit.

Ty Hemmerling. Performing Billy Ray Cyrus' "Acky Breaky Heart" is automatically bound to get some laughs. Hemmerling decided to add fun to the Denver auditions by wearing nothing but a bikini and sandals in Denver. The judges were not amused by Hemmerling's booty shaking and promptly walked out. "Don't move your hips like that honey. It's not a good look," DioGuardi quipped on her way out.

Jason Greene. Very few people can get away with performing Divinyls' "I Touch Myself." Greene is not one of them. Greene's audition in Los Angeles included withering on the floor and tossing his shoulder-length hair while asking Simon to join him (he didn't). Guest judge Katy Perry admitted that even she felt dirty.    

Curley Newbern. Chicago's Newbern sang Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" with such a falsetto that DioGuardi had to bite her pen to keep from laughing. Cowell and Jackson didn't even attempt to stop their laughter. Only guest judge Shania Twain was able to keep her composure for Newbern, who clearly made what he thought was a serious attempt.

Christy Marie Agronow. Singing Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" in Atlanta, Agronow's audition for American Idol was so full of over-the-top facial expressions and arm movements that Celine Dion would've been proud. 

Amy Lang. Lang must've known that her audition in Chicago wasn't going well because she promptly pretended to faint during her rendition of Aretha's Franklin "Dr. Feelgood." She continued to display her talent of being able to move her boobs up and down with no hands, a skill that almost made DioGuardi fall out of her chair.  

Janet McNamara. Never mind that McNamara's bright pink shirt didn't fit, it was her awkward dancing that clinched her place in the funny auditions list. Listening to her singing Natasha Bedingfield's "I Got a Pocketful of Sunshine" during the Boston auditions, Jackson made a face that is usually seen on dazed accident survivors. 

Brian Krause. Also making the list of funny American Idol auditions to come out of Chicago is Krause's impersonation of Tiny Tim. Krause was so serious in his performance of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" that DioGuardi asked him if his performance was meant to be a joke. Let's all hope it was.

Neil Goldstein. You know there's trouble when the contestant brags that he has an IQ of 168, as if that has anything to do with vocal talent. As predicted, Goldstein's cover of Meatloaf's "Rock and Roll Dreams Come True" in Los Angeles ended his rock and roll dreams. His uncontrollable sweating didn't help either. 

Derek Hilton. Hilton, who appeared in the Boston auditions, showed that he has hair to rival Fabio's. He certainly won't be gaining any fame as a real singer though as Cowell said that Hilton's numerous vocal styles used in his performance of Elton John's "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" were all horrible.