One of the most viewed reality television shows worldwide is the "American Idol", and many "Latin American Idol" Winners emerged from this version. The objective of the show is to discover a pop idol from the Latin American part of the world. The show is produced in Argentina and transmitted all over the world. All "American idol" winners are exceptionally gifted individuals who were able to showcase their talents convincingly.

Both "Latin American Idol" and "American Idol" have the same objectives since one is a replica of the other. "Latin American Idol" has been organized for only four times, so it has only four seasons and it follows that it has produced only four "Latin American Idol" Winners so far.

The winner of the first "Latin American Idol", produced in 2006, is Mayre Andrea de los Angeles Martinez Blanco. She won it in her native country, Venezuela. She was born on the 28th of November, 1978. She is said to be the oldest winner of the show. She is Latin pop singer and also a songwriter.

The winner of the second "Latin American Idol" is Carlos Enrique Pena Aldana. He was born in January 9, 1988 in Guatemala City in Guatemala. He used to be shy and could not sing in public. But he was purged of his shyness when he got to Los Angeles. In the final that was held on the 26th of September, he competed against Ricardo Caballero from Mexico. He actually won it on the 27th of September after performing for 2 hours. The victory meant so much to him because it was on his mother’s birthday.

The third winner of the show is Margarita Henriquez. She was born on the 17th of April, 1991. She comes from Panama and she is said to be a professional singer. She won it on the 9th of October, 2008. She is said to be the youngest winner of the show. She released her first album two months later. She did six songs on the show and included every one of them in her album. She beat Maria Jose Castillo to clinch the title.

The fourth and the last winner of the show is Martha Roseli Heredia Rivas. She hales from Dominican Republic. She was born on the 1st of February, 1991, a few months before Margarita was born. She is said to be a singer. She is sometimes called “La baby” which means the baby in English. She was said to have discovered her singing potentials at the age of thirteen.

"American Idol" is divided into four basic stages. These stages are audition stage, theater and secondary audition stage , workshops and performances. You have to perform very well to qualify for the next stage. Many contestants do not always go beyond the theater and secondary audition stage.

-Armin El-Gazzar