The "LA Ink" cast is a group of individuals who keep viewers coming back every week to watch new episodes of TLC's original series. "LA Ink" first premiered in late 2007 as a spin-off to the original syndication "Miami Ink". Since then, "LA Ink" has taken ratings by storm, earning an average of about 2.9 million since its pilot episode. The "LA Ink" cast (and High Voltage Tattoo) will always be back to astonish viewers with something new every season.

Kat Von D.

The famous shop owner of High Voltage Tattoo, Von D is a regular on "LA Ink". She also makes appearances as a tattoo artist as well as business magnate throughout the series.

Corey Miller.

Miller is one of the main artists of "LA Ink", being involved with the show since its original run during season 1. Corey likes drawing dragons, as well as monochromatic art to boot.

Hannah Aitchison.

Ending her run with "LA Ink" in the second season, Aitchison was a top-of-the-line tattoo artist with High Voltage. She is the sister of world-renowned artist Guy Aitchison, who gave Rob Zombie his first tattoo in 1989.

Dan Smith.

As a current member of High Voltage Tattoo, Smith has been a member of the cast since season 3. He is a musician and artist born in England, although currently living in Hollywood, California and married to model named Skully.


Kim is a former member of the of the "LA Ink" cast, having to depart the series after the second season. She got an apprenticeship with a tattoo parlor at age 18 and later moved to Chicago to work under the famous Guy Aitchison.

Adrienne Ironside.

At the age of 17 (3 years after she moved to the United States), little Adrienne received her first tattoo. Since then, Adrienne has been a regular among the "LA Ink" cast, and has moved to High Voltage after getting a referral from Pixie.

Pixie Acia.

Being one of the store managers, Pixie maintains a pretty close relationship with Kat and her crew. Acia has a long history of recruitment and keeping High Voltage's jobs in high demand.

Amy Nicoletto.

This southern New Jersey native took up a job with American Electric Tattoo after she experienced some problems working with High Voltage. Like many of the other artists, Nicoletto got her first tattoo at a young age: 18.

Michael Drachenberg.

A Mexican tattoo artist with a knack for the Southern U.S., Michael Drachenberg got his first 'tat' at age 13 from Kat Von D. He feels a familial bond with his contemporaries and hopes to one day have a tattoo from every one of his co-workers.

Guy Aitchison.

Aitchison was a guest on the set of "LA Ink" for a while, although he prefers to deal with clients outside of the realm of reality television. He has written two books, has owned several tattoo studios and regularly visits television series on his art form.

From the Aitchison siblings to Kat Von D, "LA Ink" has a star-studded cast that knows how to garner ratings for TLC. Aside from reality TV, High Voltage Tattoo is in high demand without publicity, and always has a lengthy waiting list even for celebrities.