The “Saturday Night Live” cast has received a number of overhauls over the 30-plus years it has been on the air. While the original “Not for Primetime” players have all moved on to successful movie and television careers, a new generation steps up and tries to live up to the geniuses that came before them. The show has produced some of the funniest comics that entertainment has ever seen.

Chevy Chase – The original “Saturday Night Live” cast featured names like John Belushi, Dan Akyroyd and Jane Curtain, but the man who broke out and became the most successful of them all was Chevy Chase. Chase perfected the “Weekend Update” which still exists today and is well known for his President Ford impersonations. After leaving the show, Chase appeared in a number of movies that are comedy classics, including “Caddyshack,” “Fletch” and the “Vacation” movies. His role as the endearingly racist curmudgeon, Pierce, on NBC's "Community" has revived his career and kept him relevant in to the Apatow generation of comedy.

Mike Myers – In the ‘80s, a new group of “Saturday Night Live” cast members entered the scene led by like Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey and the biggest of them all, Mike Myers. Myers created a number of iconic sketches including “Wayne’s World” before breaking off into movies. His big screen adaptation of “Wayne’s World” is still one of the most successful movies to come from a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

Adam Sandler – While Mike Myers was one of the most successful new “Saturday Night Live” cast members to hit Hollywood, he, nor anyone else on the show, can hold a candle to Adam Sandler. Sandler debuted in the early ‘90s as an angry man-child and found huge success, especially with his crazy songs. When he left the show, his fame really exploded. He became one of the most bankable comedic actors starring in films including box office hits like “Happy Gilmore,” “Waterboy,” “Big Daddy,” and “The Wedding Singer.”

Will Ferrell – He may not have as many big hits as Adam Sandler, but will Ferrell is right up there as one of the more successful members of the “Saturday Night Live” cast. Starring on the show for almost a decade from the mid ‘90s through the mid '00s, Ferrell remains one of the most beloved figures on the show, specifically portraying true life characters like James Lipton, Harry Caray, George W. Bush and Alex Trebek. Plus, who can ever forget the Cowbell?

Andy Samberg – A lot of people say “Saturday Night Live” is not as good as it used to be. They need to just look to Andy Samberg to see one of the more talented “Saturday Night Live” cast members of the last decade. While he is not best known for his sketches, his digital shorts have made him a huge name on the show. Performing with his comedy troupe, The Lonely Island, they have created some of the best short musical parodies to ever appear on the show, including many with Justin Timberlake.