Take a look at the best "Judge Judy's" episodes and you'll know why this show can be addictive. Judge Judy is known for not pulling any punches during her televised court sessions where she deals with everything from divorce to property disputes.

  1. "Judge Judy Takes on a Wife Beater."  Just because she's tiny, doesn't mean she can't take on the big dogs and teach them a thing or two. In this episode, Judge Judy does what she does best—let the person trip themselves up. In this episode, a man denies head-butting his wife in the face whilst at their child's birthday party. Judge Judy illuminates the underlying issues and gets justice for the abused ex-wife.

  2. "Judge Judy On The Internet."  Judge Judy tells her court straight out that she doesn't like or trust the Internet. But despite her techno-phobia she still has a pretty clued-in idea of how it all works. This episode deals with a man who is counter-suing a woman for posting that he had herpes on his Myspace page. Judge Judy doesn't have much time for his counter-claim, and shoots him down in the most amusing way.

  3. "Judge Judy Calls a Woman a "Moron" (x3)."  Judge Judy has a field day on a woman who is being sued by her ex-husband. The husband wants to be reimbursed for a paternity test he had to take after the woman told his daughter that she wasn't sure he was the father since she was sleeping with several people at the time. Of course Judge Judy awards him the full amount of the costs.

  4. "Judge Judy Hates Moochers."  If you've seen more than one episode of "Judge Judy", you'll know that nothing ticks her off more than able-bodied people who don't have jobs. In this episode, a 32-year-old woman recovering from a car injury is suing her mother for assault, even though her mother is totally supporting the daughter. Judge Judy throws the whole thing out of court by pointing out to the daughter that if she is well enough to be having sex with her boyfriend, then she is well enough to get a job.

  5. "Judge Judy and the Earthquake."  Not even the earthquake in South California in 2008 could stop Judge Judy. After the quake disrupts her court, she immediately restores order and continues on with the trial she is in the middle of.

  6. "The Urinary Tract Infection Episode."  If you're sick of watching boyfriends and girlfriends battling it out in open court, then this mother-daughter versus friend suit will give you something different. The daughter contracts a UTI from her mom's friend's son and Judge Judy has to decide who will foot the medical bills.

  7. "True Love for the Judge?"  Not quite. A stoner being sued by his friend for damages tries to get into Judge Judy's good books by telling her he loves her. Unfortunately for him, the Judge doesn't return his feelings and the ruling goes to the plaintiff.

  8. "Stop Looking At Me Like That."  The judge just can't take the woman involved in this episode, who does admittedly have crazy eyes. Judge Judy loses it and ends up screaming at the woman.

Armin El-Gazzar