The "Jersey Shore" soundtrack list consists of music from the popular America MTV reality cable television network series, which features young adult cast members spending the summer at the infamou Jersey shore and other locales. The series soundtrack was released by MTV and Universal Republic in July, 2010 and includes songs from a vast variety of musical artists known for producing popular dance club tracks throughout the world.

“Get Crazy” became the "Jersey Shore" series theme. This song pretty much sums up the premise of the "Jersey Shore" show – castmates prepare to “get wild,” “party” and “get loud.” As the song encourages, "you wanna have fun and do something," Jersey Shore" is the place to get away and do just that.

"Break Your Heart" by music producer and singer-songwriter Taio Cruz grew so much in popularity that it hit No. 1 on the Billboard music charts. As one of the most successful songs to come off of the "Jersey Shore" soundtrack list, this song sets the tone of the show's music, with its crystal-meth vocals, bunny beats and massive synth hooks that are prevalent throughout the entire disc.

"I Like It" was the first album single from the "Jersey Shore" soundtrack list. Performed by Enrique Iglesias, this song also featured a video with the colorful "Jersey Shore" cast. Lyrics like “But tonight is the night - We can really let go - My girlfriend is out of town - And I’m all alone - Your boyfriend is on vacation - And he doesn’t have to know” make this song an instant party classic.

"Disco Pogo" by David Guetta provides a strong Euro connection, with its surprising disco-esque German kitche flavor. This retro '90s track quickly became a dance club favorite due to its liberal use of drum machine rhythms, crunk-like shouting vocals and a strong bassline. As a download, this "Jersey Shore" song made it to the top ten on the iTunes charts.

“Drank" is one of the more audacious tracks featured on the "Jersey Shore" soundtrack list. As it became an anthem-like track quickly on the club scene, its scandalous “no glass, no a—“ lyric became known as "Snookie's Theme." This illicit song literally encourages fist-pumping and beyond, for Guidos, Guidettes and anyone in between.

The "Jersey Shore" Soundtrack list is sure to get any party pumping, with its relentless electronic-funk based sounds. From the dance-driven music, to the Euro flavored club beats, the overexposed club tracks not only grew to define the club scene at the "Jersey Shore," but also became a perfect party or summer club mix not long after the show began to air.

-Susan Davies