"Jersey Shore" slang words have become wild catch phrases. The MTV show "Jersey Shore" started off being about strangers living together in a beach house. Since the show, along with the slang words the cast would often use, became so popular, MTV brought the exact same cast back for future seasons. Throughout each season new "Jersey Shore" slang words come into light. Some catch on, some don't but all have wildly amusing definitions.

  1. "GTL"  This "Jersey Shore" slang  word was the first to catch on with the public during season one. It is an acronym that stands for "gym, tan, laundry." The "Jersey Shore" cast use the acronym to quickly describe what their day entails which is, going to the gym, going tanning, and doing laundry.

  2. "Creep" Normally, this word has a negative association to it, but the "Jersey Shore" slang term has a positive spin on it. It means to go out and look for girls to hit on. When the boys of the "Jersey Shore" are looking to bring girls back to the house, the go out to clubs and creep.

  3. "Smush" This "Jersey Shore" slang term means to have sex. On the television show "Jersey Shore" the cast have a "smush room", which is a guest bedroom used for having sex. If a cast member wants to smush in private, they go to the smush room where no one will intrude.

  4. "Female Backpack" When a girl is hanging or hovering around a man, she is a female backback. This "Jersey Shore" slang word was introduced by Deena in season three when she stated Sammy was always around Ronnie, as if she was a female backpack. Becoming a female backpack often happens because a girl does not trust her boyfriend, and wants to keep him in her sights.

  5. "Grenade" This "Jersey Shore" slang term has been used by the cast since season one. The boys use grenade to describe an ugly girl who has a hot friend. Sometimes the girls use it to describe ugly females the "Jersey Shore" boys bring home. When it comes to a grenade, either a guy "takes one for the team", and sleeps with her, or they distract the grenade while her attractive friend is getting smushed.

  6. "Gorilla" Usually, the word gorilla is the name of a large animal, but the "Jersey Shore" slang term describes a man with big muscles. Gorilla is interchangeable with word "juice head." The girls on the "Jersey Shore" are constantly on the look out for Guido gorilla juice heads, which mean they want a tan, Italian man with huge muscles.

  7. "Robbery" This "Jersey Shore" slang word means to specifically steal away a girl from a friend. While at the club, if a male cast member leaves the girl he is creeping on unintended, another guy can pull a robbery by starting to dance with her. This causes conflict and drama among the "Jersey Shore" boys, especially if the robbery is successful.

  8. "Fist Pump" It is a dance move in which a person wildly thrashes their fist up and down in rhythm to the music. While fist pumping, a person never hits anyone, only air. When the beat starts up, and a group of friends are feeling it, the fist pumping begins. It starts slow, and gradually build faster.

  9. "Guido" The "Jersey Shore" cast uses the term guido to describe an Italian male. He usually is really tan, uses a lot of hair product, and has big muscles. The female version is known as a guidette and she is usually tan, has perfect nails, and is dressed in little clothing.

  10. "DTF" This "Jersey Shore" slang word is an acronym for "down to f*ck." The boys usually say it when leaving the club. While out, they are always creeping around looking for girls that are DTF to bring back to the house. The "Jersey Shore" boys always claim they can tell right away if a girl is DTF or not.