"Jersey Shore" girls are unique, to say the least. They are loud and proud of their heritage being from New Jersey. The girls in this show are so exciting to watch. They light up each scene they are in. Whether they are getting ready to go out or just lounging around, these "Jersey Shore" girls are responsible for some of the best moments in the show.

  1. Jenni "J-Wow" Farley. Not only is this "Jersey Shore" girl known for her amazing body, but Jenni Farley is the light-hearted tough around the edges girl in the house. Little do many viewers know that Jenni is a graphic designer as well as a club promoter. Her sultry lips and voluptuous curves are one of the highlights of watching the "Jersey Shore."

  2. Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola. Sammi is the houses "sweetheart." She has a beautiful smile and soft eyes. She is known for her temperamental relationship with Ronnie. She has been on "Jersey Shore" since the beginning and isn't going anywhere.

  3. Nicole "Snookie" Polizzi. Perhaps one of the most popular members of the "Jersey Shore" cast, Snooki is a little bundle of joy as she prances around the house eating pickles and flaunting her bump of hair. She has appeared on many other shows as well as been often imitated but never duplicated. She is of Chilean decent and was adopted and raised by Italian American parents.

  4. Angelina Pivarnick. "Jersey Shore" is all about having feisty women on their show. Angelina is no exception. She usually stirs up controversy whether in a club or at the house. She is a bartender and is also known as "The Staten Island Dump."

  5. Deena Nicole Cortese. The newest girl to join the cast of "Jersey Shore", Deena is non-stop all day, every day. A friend of Snooki's, she comes to the house in a dainty four foot nine inch frame. She brings the party no matter where she is and makes this show even more interesting than it was before.