All reality TV junkies can get their fix with the excellent "Jersey Shore" episodes. While all of the episodes were really fun to watch, a few best cream of the crop episodes rise to the top.

  1. One Shot. Not just a great book by Lee Child, this is also one of the best "Jersey Shore" episodes. A dirty brawl leaving a nightclub gets Ronnie arrested, Pauly D gets a stalker, and Jwow actually apologizes to the Situation? What more can you ask for from "Jersey Shore" episodes?

  2. Dirty Pad. There are a few different things that make this one of the great "Jersey Shore" episodes. The most obvious thing being the incredibly nasty feminine product The Situation finds in their bathroom when a certain someone doesn't care about cleaning up after herself. Angelina's antics and all the trouble she gets for getting to close to a guy Snooki hooked up with and the house learning that she slept with Jose after smushing Vinny really makes this one of the more interesting "Jersey Shore" episodes

  3. Good Riddance. The last of the three best "Jersey Shore" episodes was also the third episode in the first season. This is one of the most memorable "Jersey Shore" episodes because Angelina gets kicked off the show "forever"(although she comes back in season 2), The situation has major conflict with Sammi choosing Ronnie over him, and Jwow's boyfriend popping in for a visit while she's trying to keep the fact she kissed Pauly D a secret.