It seems like everyone and their dog has their own version of the "Jersey Shore" Drinking Game rules. While it is simply an excuse to get yourself (or your pooch) plastered during "Jersey Shore" marathons, it is worth taking a look to see what rules fans of the show all agree on. Here is a rundown of the basic rules. But we can't tell you everything. You still have to decide between regular beer and light beer on your own.

Eye Candy: There is nothing "Jersey Shore" cast members love more than showing off their steroid fed pecs or plastic boobs. A basic drinking game rule tackles this penchant for flashing skin. Whenever you see a girl in a bikini top or a guy without a shirt, it's time to take a shot. After a few drinks, you'll no longer ask yourself how many weeks of your salary equals the price of one breast augmentation.

Jersey Lingo: Hearing the cast members of the "Jersey Shore" describe themselves as "guidos" and "guidettes" really boils the spaghetti of politically correct Italian-Americans everywhere. Guido has origins as an ethnic slur directed at working class Italian immigrants. Other words like "classy" and "bro" come out early and often too. Here is a gateway to another drinking game. Take a shot for every time someone says these phrases and you probably won't be aware of anything anyone says after about ten minutes.

The Situation: Michael Sorrentino loves to play up his nickname and his toned abs. It works to create a drinking game by itself. Rule No. 1 dictates a drink must be taken every time Sorrentino calls himself "The Situation." Rule no. 2 dictates that a drink must be taken whenever The Situation flashes his abs. With these rules, The Situation is responsible for more binge drinking than college frat boys and former Disney child stars combined.

All About the Hair: There's no denyin Paul DelVecchio or "Pauly D" is obsessed with his hair. The dude talks about or fixes his hair enough to make fans wonder what else he does with those locks when the cameras are turned off. As it stands, Pauly's hair is good for a drinking game rule. One shot for each time he mentions his hair or fixes it. 

fighting Words: Knockdown drag-out fights with other "Jersey Shore" cast members forced Angelina Pivarnick to leave the show before the third season started. Angelina set the precedent for lots of fighting. Now fans come to expect it every season and a six pack of beer won't survive the night once the fights are brought into the equation. Extra shot bonus if it is girl-on-girl fighting.

Hookups: What would "Jersey Shore" be without casual sex? You have two variations on this theme: a shot for every successful hookup or a shot for hookup disasters. Your liver will be eligible for overtime compensation with either route you choose. Double shots if the hookup is between cast members.

Fist bumps: The mother of all macho greetings has a home here. You know its going to happen, so drinking once to every fist bump is a good way to get into the groove for each episode. It's not as popular as the other fist bump that ends in someone else's face, but it works.  

-John Coon