Looking for an overview of a few of the Jersey Shore characters? "The Jersey Shore" is a reality television show that is aired on MTV. The show first premiered on December 9th, 2009 and the show has become one of the most popular reality shows in the world. "The Jersey Shore" follows the lives of 8 Italian housemates as they spend the summer living together in New Jersey and Miami.

  1. Snooki. One of the most popular Jersey Shore characters is "Snooki". Snooki's real name is Nicole and she is from Malboro, NY. Although she is very short, she packs a huge personality and is constantly on the look out for the man of her dreams.

  2. Pauly D. Pauly D is from Johnston, RI. He was actually somewhat popular before the Jersey Shore television show, as he is the most well known DJ in the state of Rhode Island. Pauly D keeps a tanning bed in his house and he does his hair twice a day to ensure that he is always look good when he hits the streets.

  3. Jenni. If you have ever watched the Jersey Shore before, then you know that Jenni is better known as "JWOWW". Jenni is from Franklin Square, NY. Although Jenni has a boyfriend, that doesn't mean anything when she hits the clubs. Simply put, Jenni has absolutely no self control and she is definitely a party girl.

  4. Mike. Of course, Mike is known as "The Situation." He was a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" in 2010 on ABC. Mike is from Staten Island, NY and he tries to use his personality and six pack to land the ladies.

  5. Vinny. Vinny is a mama's boy from Staten Island, NY. Many people don't realize that he just turned 21 before he became a star on the Jersey Shore. Vinny is not lik the other guys on Jersey Shore, but he uses his charm to get a laugh out of all of the ladies.

  6. Angelina. Angelina has had her ups and downs on the Jersey Shore. She was a member of the first 2 seasons, but ended up leaving both times. When Angelina was in the house with the others, she was known for using her big mouth to start drama and fights.

  7. Ronnie. Ronnie is a lover and a fighter from Bronx, NY. You have seen him get into fights on the Jersey Shore, but he also has a sensitive side and just wants to have a good time and be loved. Although he said he wouldn't fall in love on the show, that all changes when he meets Sammi.

  8. Sammi. Sammi is from Hazlet, NJ. She is a major sweetheart and has unfortunately bee taken advantage of by guys in the past. Sammi is single when she arrived at the Jersey Shore house in season one, but meeting Ronnie changes that.