It’s official, Michael Ventrella is "Biggest Loser" 2010 winner. After coming in as the reality show’s heaviest contestant ever, Ventrella walked away as the biggest success story in the show’s eleven seasons. He proved himself to be a real inspiration to individuals all over the world who struggle with their weight.

With a starting weight of 526 pounds, Michael Ventrella entered the 2010 season of the “Biggest Loser” in life threatening condition. Walking alone was a struggle. However, with admirable dedication and effort, Ventrella was able to lose a “Biggest Loser” show record of 299 pounds, demolishing the previous record of 239 pounds set by Danny Cahill of the previous season. That is an incredible loss of 50 percent of his total body weight, allowing him to walk away from the show weighing 227 pounds.

Ventrella was open with the fact that he had struggled with his weight his entire life. He reportedly had tried everything from prescription pills and diets to actual bulimia in order to control his weight. On a “Today” show interview he told Meredith Vieira, “At 526 pounds, nobody at that weight can ever feel any sense of hope…You feel like any day is your day, is your time: You’re going to die.”

Instead of losing hope and allowing his weight to take his life, Ventrella displayed a superman type effort and in turn was awarded the 250,000 dollar “Biggest Loser” grand prize and, more importantly, a new lease on life. Ventrella had several emotional mountains to climb as well throughout the show, breaking down several times. However, his ability to push forward never faltered, capturing the hearts of his many fans. Today, Michael Ventrella is a hero and inspiration to so many who share his struggle and is now the biggest winner.   

-Corey Vasey