"Jersey Shore" has taken the world by storm, and you may want to learn about the "Jersey Shore" fights because they are what make the show so fun to watch. Not only do the guidos and guidettes make us feel better about ourselves with their fights and antics, they are what drama seekers love to see and talk about. There have been many "Jersey Shore" fights over the seasons, but there are a few that stand out.

Mike vs Ronnie. The latest of the "Jersey Shore" fights has yet to be seen on television. Mike and Ronnie got into a huge fight about what else—Sammi. Sammi seems to be a hot topic among the house guests no matter who you ask, and it seems to have come to a head once again. This time, there are more serious results. Both Mike and Ronnie have been seen with various injuries.

Sammi vs Ronnie. Speaking of Sammi, it's hard to forget the fight with Ronnie, which started with him throwing her stuff out. Sammi went ballistic and started kicking and screaming and had to be pulled off of Ronnie. It was a very uncomfortable scene and was particularly sad when Ronnie broke Sammi's glasses. It seems the two are toxic to each other.

Snooki and some random guy at a bar. Who can forget the time Snooki was punched by some random guy? In no time at all, MTV pulled the footage, but it had been leaked online and everyone who was interested got to see Snooki get punched in the face.

The girls vs each other. Most of the "Jersey Shore" fights are among the girls. We've seen Sammi vs Snooki, JWoww vs Sammi, Deena vs Sammi, Angelina vs the entire house, the girls vs other girls that the guys brought home...the list goes on.

Ronnie vs a heckler. Who can forget the guy that kept heckling Ronnie on the boardwalk in the 2009 season? This fight actually went to trial and prompted a court case against MTV by the man and woman involved.

As long as "Jersey Shore" remains on the air, you'll see more "Jersey Shore" fights. In fact, the "Jersey Shore" fights are part of what makes it fun to watch for most people!

-Kim Hill