Indian Idol 5 Winner

Sunday, September 11 by Karen Lac

"Indian Idol". Chandra was a front runner throughout season 5. The fans never let him fall into the bottom three at any time. Fellow contestant Rakesh Maini posed a formable threat to Chandra's run; he was even saved from elimination by the judges toward the end through their veto power. However, at the end the fans' text messages came through for Chandra and he was announced as the winner by mega star Amitabh Bachchan. While Chandra is a classically-trained vocalist, he said that he wants to be a versatile singer that sings all kinds of songs.

Prize. Chandra won a big stash of cash, a car, a recording contract and the chance to sing for Yash Rah Films, an Indian Entertainment company run by a mogul. Since becoming the winner of Indian Idol 5, Chandra has recorded an album titled "Rehnuma." The title track by the same name was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster "The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader." It's quite an impressive start to someone who has barely spent a year in the nation's spotlight.

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