There have been many Hell's Kitchen winners since the beginnings of this reality TV cooking competition show in 2005. Hell's Kitchen winners obviously went on to live their lives after appearing on the show. Let's take a look at what some of these people have done since their victories. 

  1. Heather West. Heather West was the winner of Hell's Kitchen Season Two. She once had a job as a senior chef at an Italian restaurant located at a Las Vegas resort and spa. Now, Heather now works as head chef in a restaurant called Monterey Restaurant in Long Beach, New York. 

  2. Nona Sivley. Season Eight winner Nona Sivley took a cooking job in a Los Angeles Marriot Hotel in early 2011. LA Market is the name of the restaurant, which is located in the Hotel at the LA Live entertainment campus. Nona is from the southern United States and wants to introduce Los Angeles to some good old fashioned southern cuisine. 

  3. Danny Veltri. Danny Veltri won Season Five of Hell's Kitchen. This 23 year old Hell's Kitchen winner from Florida had a job at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The original idea was to build another restaurant at the Casino and make Danny the head chef, but the plans went sour. Danny quit the job a few months later in August, 2009. 

  4. Rahman Harper. "Rock", as he is called, won Hell's Kitchen Season Three and became the head chef at a Henderson, Nevada restaurant in the Terra Verde Green Valley Ranch Resort. Rahman later worked in restaurants in Washington, DC. Rahman joined the staff of a DC restaurant called Next Door in 2008. 

  5. Holli Ugalde. Holli won a job working in Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay's London Restaurant at the Savoy Hotel. She claimed her prize after winning Hell's Kitchen Season Seven only to be denied a United Kingdom work visa. London's immigration control office declined to give a reason for the rejection. Hell's Kitchen gave their winner a cash prize instead.