The HBO series, "Hard Knocks" has episodes that have been talked about across the nation as you can see with these HBO "Hard Knocks" episodes. Sports fans alike have thoroughly enjoyed this series which gives them an inside look into training and preparations for major events. HBO series have always had a sterling reputation. "Hard Knocks" adds a bit of dirt and grime to that reputation.

  1. Episode 1 Season 6. The first episode for this "Hard Knocks" season takes a look into what it takes to train as a team with the New York Jets. Typically, everyone needs to be there. However, in this episode, one of the players is absent for their practice. It is the coach's responsibility to teach his players the best way to play. But, if all players aren't there, then how can he teach. This episode showcases what can happen and the teaching opportunities that unfold during a not so simple, football practice.

  2. Episode 5 Season 6. This episode is the last episode for the New York Jets. It ties up the lose ends for the entire season. It shows the team making their final efforts to clinch their regular season. Their main challenge had been the offense. It leaves the question for viewers, can they make their offense work? Viewers see the team trying to work out their kinks and still maintain a positive attitude.

  3. Episode 2 Season 4. Focusing in on the history and "family" like nature of the Dallas Cowboys, this episode created the subplot for an amazing team story. "Hard Knocks" also gives a glimpse into what it takes to become a Dallas Cowboy. The hopes and dreams of many fans lay in the decision making process of creating an amazing team.

- Amanda Ferguson