The “Great Food Truck Race” contestants from season one gave it their all to get to the grand prize of $50,000. Out of the seven teams competing, only one was left standing in the end to win the prize money and take home to title of the “Great Food Truck Race” winner. Every team, except one, was from California in season one of the “Great Food Truck Race”.

  1. Grill 'Em All Ryan Harkins, Matt Chernus, and Joel Brown are from Los Angeles and won the “Great Food Truck Race”. The truck name is a pun of off Metallica's "Kill 'em All" album and the truck fits into the heavy metal persona perfectly. They claim their burgers are the best.

  2. Nom Nom Truck from Los Angeles serves up Vietnamese tacos and Vietnamese sandwiches to their customers. Their team consists of Misa Chien, Jennifer Green and David Kien.

  3. Spencer on the Go offers French Cuisine to the people on the streets of San Francisco. Chez Spenser, Laurent Katgely , John Desmond and Jesse Vera are a combination of the perfect team with their cooking experience and business abilities.

  4. Austin Daily Press Team consists of Cory Nunez, Amy Hildenbrand, and Melani Feinberg. Their truck makes some tasty grilled cheese type sandwiches on a crusty french bread. They also bring their food to you. If you are in Austin, Texas, give them a call, place you order, and what for it to show up.

  5. Crepes Bonaparte from Fulleton started as a graduation project for Christian Murcia. Christian and his team of his fiancee, Danielle Law and his friend Matthew Meyer make crepes that are sweet or savory in a variety of flavors.

  6. Ragin' Cajun brings authentic Cajun food to the streets of Hermosa Beach. This “Great Food Truck Race” team consists of Stephen Domingue, Joey Quebedeaux and Jazmina Danionis.

  7. Nana Queens serves pudding and wings to give their customers something sweet and something savory. From Culver City, the team of Janel Prator, Shanel Prator and Rick Wilson specializes in banana pudding that is made from sour cream and fresh bananas. Their wings are available in six flavors.