The "Mad TV" (1995-2009) cast was part of a sketch comedy show that many people referred to as "Saturday Night Live" lite. With regular musical guests and spoofs of popular commercials, the "Mad TV" cast was more than a little guilty of ripping of the success formula established by SNL. The difference between the "Mad TV" cast and "Saturday Night Live" is that that "Mad TV" cast knew when the show stopped being funny and let it die honorably. In the fourteen years the show was on the air, these "Mad TV" cast members were seen as the ones that will be remembered.

Michael McDonald (1998-2009).

Michael McDonald's list of characters as a member of the "Mad TV" cast is long and impressive. His poker-faced delivery of a punchline made him a very popular cast member. His more memorable characters included Mofaz the Depressed Persian Tow Truck Driver, a man of Middle-Eastern descent who rambled on and on about his horrible home life, and the curious Stuart Larkin, who was portrayed as a grown man who acted like a three-year old child.

Will Sasso (1997-2009).

Some people may think that Will Sasson was only part of the "Mad TV" cast for a couple of years, but what happened was Sasso lost so much weight after his first couple of seasons on the show that he looked completely different. Sasso is a master impressionist who was mostly known for his impressions of wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and William Shatner as Captain Kirk. Sasso was so impressive as Austin, that he appeared in WWF events. He wasn't fooling anyone, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

Nicole Sullivan (1995-2005).

Nicole Sullivan is a very pretty blonde who played a wide variety of characters. She was best known for the character of the Kathleen Wajonowski, who was a mean-spirited woman that had no regard for other people's feelings. It was the character of Wajonowski that gave Sullivan her annoying catch phrase "Tcha! Ya know what? Uh-uh!" If you have ever heard the phrase and wanted to punch someone, then you have Nicole Sullivan to thank.

Alex Borstein (1997-2009).

Alex Borstein is best known for her famous "Mad TV" character is Miss Swan, the dimwitted Asian woman who describes everyone by using the phrase "He looka like a man." Towards the end of her run on "Mad TV", Borstein started to really extend the Miss Swan sketches and that is when the whole bit got old. Her other famous character is the voice of Lois Griffin on "Family Guy". Not only is Borstein a voice on "Family Guy", she is also one of the show's producers.

Phil LaMarr (1995-2003).

Phil LaMarr is one of those actors that "Mad TV" could not live without, but never got the credit he deserved. His Hyper Delivery Guy character was a brilliant comedic creation that made LaMarr both annoying and hilarious. LaMarr spent most of his time doing the set-ups for jokes by other cast members, but if you watch "Mad TV" a lot, then you have a definite appreciation for his work.