These "Ghost Adventures" episodes are part of a paranormal series that approaches ghost hunting in a more nitty gritty, aggressive way than some other ghost hunting series. The series started after an unforeseen explosion of interest in the paranormal be the American public. The show is less structured than some other series in that they have no official camera crew. They investigate reporte paranormal activity trying to collect visual and auditory evidence. The show began as a documentary film made in Virginia City, NV. This documentary went on to receive the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary from the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. These "Ghost Adventures" episodes are great fun, and sometimes spooky, whether you believe in the paranormal, or not.

  1. "The Washoe Club and Chollar Mine". This episode is one of the "Ghost Adventures" episodes that revisits the original investigation area of Virginia City, NV. The crew set up their lockdown in this mining town, and find out that these ghosts have been waiting for them to return. The ghosts do not have friendly intentions. The crew even suspect that somehow the ghosts may have played a part in prodding them back to the site. Shivers.

  2. "Ancient Ram Inn".  This is one of the few "Ghost Adventures" episodes that takes place outside of the U.S. This investigation was filmed in Wotten-upon-Edge, England. This episode contains all things traditionally spooky. It managed to mix together witches, a strange old caretaker, and some idea that these spirits were trying to have sex with them. 

  3. "Moon River Brewing Company". This one of the "Ghost Adventures" episodes takes place in Savannah, GA. Savannah, GA is reportedly the most haunted city in America. This brewery stands on the spot that was the first hotel in Savannah, GA. There are empty haunted spaces above and below the main floor that the employees refuse to visit because of paranormal experiences. The patrons experience a few odd occurrences, but can never be sure if it's paranormal, or just good drink.

  4. "Magnolia Lane Plantation". This episode takes place in Natchitoches, LA. This one of the "Ghost Adventures" episodes combines past voodoo rituals and current paranormal activity. It was reported that the slaves had used voodoo rituals to harm the plantation owners. It focuses particularly on an elderly slave woman who had been the voodoo priestess back then. The crew call in a local voodoo priestess to help protect them, and open the doors to communication with these old spirits.

  5. "Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum". "Ghost Adventures" episodes seem to love visiting lunatic asylums. This one was filmed in Weston, WV at an old psychiatric hospital. The crew does a great job of pushing it to the limits, and even taunting some of the spirits. The place contains very heavy energy as could be expected. The hospital eventually housed 2,400 patients in an area built for 250. It was unclean and dangerous. Due to the limited understanding of mental illness at the time, everyone from epileptics to the certifiably insane were thrown in together. Put it all in a pot and stir, and you get one of the most haunted places in the U.S.