“Jersey Shore” has both a lover and a fighter in its Bronx cast mate, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, so find out everything you need to know about this Puerto Rican-Italian “Guido” beyond the required gym, tan, laundry routine.

Though less famous than Snooki and The Situation, Ronnie also found unexpected worldwide fame after their MTV reality television series became a cultural phenomenon in late 2009. Following the lives, fights and friction of 8 young housemates, the series has brought the network record ratings for three seasons, with an fourth season set in Italy expected late in 2011, in spite of the controversial depiction if Italian Americans, including what some consider the derogatory monikers Guido and Guidette.

Before pop culture infamy, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jr., born in 1985, grew up in the Bronx. He was working for his dad, Ronald Sr. in real estate. Although he took modeling classes as a child, there were few indications of television stardom. Yet, he met the tanned and toned fist pumper requirements, to party hard on the "Jersey Shore." Though he vowed “Don’t fall in love at the Jersey Shore” upon entering the house, by the third episode of the first season he was involved in a romance with Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola, which has proved to be the mainstay of his camera time on the show.

The Ronnie and Sammi relationship was a tempestuous car wreck of a relationship. Starting with an opposites attract vibe that quickly turned to nasty fights that often became physical. During the second season, Ronnie’s flirtatious behavior with other women, mixed with his insane jealousy over Sammi led to the other Guidettes exposing his hypocrisy. By the end of the third season, even the other Jerseys wanted the relationship to end, especially during a room trashing all out fight that ended the Miami, Florida season. By the time of the reunion, both Ronnie and Sammie acknowledged that their relationship was over and that it had been toxic. Yet, neither would accept state that it was over for good. In fact, they will be part of the fourth season.

Ronnie Magro’s brawling didn’t stop with his girlfriend, he has also racked up a series of arrests both off and on camera since the series began. In September 2009, he was arrested after a fight outside a club in Seaside Heights, N.J. During the filming of season two in Miami, he faced aggravated assault charges and spent time in jail, after a fight. Then in August 2010, he was picked up on outstanding warrants for unpaid parking tickets. As his mother said at the time, "He was doing what he's gotta do."

Although he has not scored a spin-off series like cast mates Snooki, Vinnie and The Situation, or published a book like J-Woww, Snooki and The Situation, Ronnie Magro did extend his "Jersey Shore" infamy into a line of designer T-shirts, Jersey Laundry, in 2011. Whether his proverbial 15 minutes ends there, or he incites an international incident during the filming of the fourth season, only time will tell.