Cooking show reality games on the cable networks feature competitive drives of ambitious chefs trying to win huge cash rewards or go head to head with each other for pride. The usual fare involves some form of a mystery ingredient for the chef to create a unique dish and do so in the allotted time given in order to complete the challenge. Judging in these cooking shows are harsh but constructive so the young or inexperienced chef can take these experiences and learn from them in their journey to fame and notoriety. The drive to deliver awesome food allows for the best drama amongst the chefs which makes viewers come back for each new episode to see them go at it. People love the art of cooking and these shows definitely propel the passion to new levels and also may inspire future generations of celebrity chefs to toss their aprons into the arena.

"Chopped." A cooking game features a basket of mystery ingredients that four chefs have to use to make four dishes at the end of the alotted time. There are three rounds to the show in the appetizer, entree and finally their dessert portion of the meal. The three judges critique their food until there is only one "Chopped" champion.

"Top Chef All-Stars." This show brings the best chefs from across the country to compete for the prestigious title of "Top Chef." The cooking games include a Quickfire challenge at the beginning and moves to the Elimination challenge afterwards. Judges such as Gail Simmons, Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio select who the winning dishes are as well as who gets eliminated from the competition.

"Cupcake Wars." Cupcake makers from various locations compete to have their cupcakes and business promoted for a special event. Each chef has to cater their cupcakes to the theme of the event in order to impress judges Candance Nelson, Florian Bellanger and their special guest. The category in the cooking show weighs on taste and presentation in order to advance each round.

"Iron Chef America." Many chefs from all walks of life come to Kitchen Stadium to face off against the roster of Iron Chefs. The Chairman, Marc Dacascos, welcomes the challenger and introduces the mystery ingredient that is the theme of the cooking show's game. Celebrity judges taste and rate each dish for points that will decide who wins the night's contest.