If you are a fan of learning about the diverse and mysterious world of animals, you should watch some of the many Animal Planet shows. Animal Planet is a television network that has been in existence since the autumn of 1996. The Silver Spring, Maryland-based channel is a sector of Discovery Communications. Many different programs are aired on Animal Planet, all of them centered around animals.

"Must Love Cats" "Must Love Cats" is a quirky and offbeat Animal Planet program that is hosted by John Fulton. The series travels all around the United States in search of unusual cats, their owners and their histories. "Must Love Cats" depicts everything from courage life-saving felines to hotel accommodations that cater solely to the furry creatures.

"It's Me or the Dog" "It's Me or the Dog" is a television program that focuses on dogs that have behavioral issues. The goal of "It's Me or the Dog" is to concentrate on the owners and to equip them with proper dog-rearing skills. The host of the program is Victoria Stilwell, who is a Wimbledon, England-born dog trainer.

"River Monsters" "River Monsters" is an Animal Planet series that first was broadcast in the spring of 2009. "River Monsters" takes viewers all over the planet (from Ethiopia and Germany to Florida and Brazil) with biologist Jeremy Wade. Jeremy Wade researches the mysteries of freshwater and some of the most dangerous and biggest fish around.

"Pit Boss" The reality show "Pit Boss" is hosted by former actor Shorty Rossi, who now works primarily as a rescuer for perhaps the most vilified of all dog breeds, the Pit bull. "Pit Boss" shows the soft side of these misunderstood dogs. The show has been on air since the winter of 2010.

"Whale Wars" "Whale Wars" is an Animal Planet documentary program that tracks the actions of the Canadian animal rights activis Paul Watson, particularly as he attempts to stop Japanese whaling. Paul Watson heads an organization that is known as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

-Duncan Jones