Want to know more about the "For the Love of Ray J 2" winner? You've come to the right place. "For the Love of Ray J" Season 2 premiered on November 2, 2009, and featured nineteen lovely ladies all in competition for the love and affection of Ray J, a famous hip hop singer. Out of the nineteen contestants, a woman named Connie Deveaux "Mz. Berry" wins the final competition and steals Ray J's heart. 

Much like similar shows such as "I Love New York" and "Flavor of Love," "For the Love of Ray J" is a dating television show on VH1 that features a popular celebrity, Ray J, in search of the perfect woman and mate. Although it is speculated that many of these shows are staged and not quite as "real" as they are made out to be, they can still be rather entertaining to watch, and "For the Love of Ray J" Season 2 is no exception. Before making his final selection, Ray J had to choose wisely between almost twenty attractive women, and at times, making a decision can be hard. In the end, he chooses 32-year-old Connie Deveaux, nicknamed "Mz. Berry" because she slightly resembles famous actress Halle Berry

Mz. Berry is a realtor from New Jersey, and also has two children from a previous marriage. Being 32-years-old, she is a few years older than Ray J, but says she enjoys dating younger men. In the last episode where Ray J finally chooses the woman he wants to be with, he takes Mz. Berry on his yacht and her competitor, Platinum, to Las Vegas. Ray J ultimately chooses Mz. Berry because he feels that Platinum reminds him too much of his past relationships, and that he feels a better connection with Mz. Berry. The two love birds fly off into the sky on Ray J's private jet when the show ends. 

- Courtney Ferry