Here is a rundown of the Food Network shows so you can be sure not to miss anything you might love seeing. If you enjoy shows about food and cooking, then you probably love watching the Food Network channel. Since Food Network has hundreds of shows, this article will focus on some of the more popular ones and what they are about.

  1. "Iron Chef America". This is a favorite of many. Top chefs compete against Iron Chefs such as Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, Marc Forgione, Michael Symon, Mario Batalli and more. Each chef has an hour and a secret ingredient to incorporate into their five dishes that will be judged by outside parties.

  2. "Chopped". On this show, chefs have a mystery basket of food items they must use to create a winning dish. Each time a part of the meal is presented, someone from the group will go home until there is one winner. There is an all-star version of the show with proceeds going to charity.

  3. "Worst Cooks in America". This show is hosted by Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine. The hosts take the worst cooks in America and teach them to cook prize-winning meals that they must present to a final group of judges for a cash prize. Each week a worst cook goes home until there is one winner.

  4. "Cupcake Wars". This show takes four cupcake bakers across the country and pits them against each other in a cash prize competition. They must use certain ingredients and showcase their decorating skills as well as good taste of their cupcakes.

  5. "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". This is a show where the host Guy Fieri visits some of the diners across America that have the best dishes around such as the best burger or best meatloaf.

  6. "The Next Food Network Star". This show takes a group of chefs, some of them experienced and some amateurs and allows them to compete for a television show on Food Network. Contestants must compete in very different competitions throughout the show and end up being the final winner. They must also be comfortable on television and sometimes this is the main factor in a competition that they must be in.

  7. "Last Cake Standing". This show is similar to "Cupcake Wars," but with cakes. Four bakers must present a cake that reflects the theme on which they have been given. The final winner gets a cash prize and bragging rights. The difference is that all contestants compete until the end of the show instead of going home after each section.

  8. "Down Home with the Neelys". This is a show where the Neelys, who own a very successful barbecue restaurant in the south, share their prize winning recipes and cooking tips.

  9. "Ice Brigade". This show is about a team that creates things out of ice. They create ice sculptures that are unique and interesting such as interactive pool tables or grand pianos.

  10. "Throwdown with Bobby Flay". This show follows Bobby Flay as he meets up with a chef that has a prize winning dish. He then tries to recreate the dish and has a blind taste test with judges to choose the winner.

There are tons of more shows on the Food Network channel and you may not see your favorite here but these are some of the more popular shows and there's always room for a new favorite.