"Flavor of Love" girls are the loveable, rough, sometimes sexy train wrecks that men and women could not get enough of. Whether it was a screaming outburst or a large wad of spit flying across the room, these women offer plenty of entertainment. These are the five best “Flavor of Love” girls.  

  1. New York. Tiffany Pollard also called “New York” became the resident bad girl on Flavor of Love. This dark-skinned beauty sported a large bust line and an extra-large attitude. She was never chosen to win Flavor Flav’s affection, which furthered her anger and antagonism towards the other contestants. Pollard aka “New York” was spotted by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton sporting a new downplayed look to drop her “Flavor of Love” girl image

  2. Hoopz. Nikki Alexander is the basketball playing “Flavor of Love” girl who was likeable and an instant fan favorite. She held her own against the saucy New York and eventually won a clock. Apparently she was not the right “flavor of love” because in the second season we learned that it did not work out. She played international female basketball for a brief period. She is now the girlfriend of Shaquille O’Neal and enjoying all of the financial perks that go along with it.

  3. Pumkin. Brooke Thompson's third place finish did not prevent this “Flavor of Love” girl from implanting herself in the memory of fans of the show. During a ceremony she was involved in a verbal altercation which ended with her spitting the wad of spit seen around the world. That spit ball landed her a Fox Reality Show award in 2006.

  4. Deelishis. Otherwise known as Chandra Davis, Deelishis had a great abundance of “assets.” This made her an instant favorite of Flavor Flav and any man who loves junk in the trunk? She took her “Flavor of Love” girl popularity and went on to develop her own line of jeans for women who are well shaped.

  5. Thing 1 and Thing 2.Born seven minutes apart, these twin sisters were hilarious. Thing 2 Treasha eventually won the competition and the coveted clock in the last season of Flavor of Love. This "Flavor of Love" girl was dumped at the reunion show when Flavor Flave decided to reunite with his baby’s mother.