Are you looking for information on the best "Dr Oz Show" episodes?  Dr. Oz is a professional doctor that gives a lot of great health advice on his show. You can become educated on the newest forms of medical treatments, ways to prevent various illnesses and effective ways to lose weight from watching his program. The Doctor puts everything you thought you knew about medical information to the test. You may be surprised at some of the myths there are regarding health.

  1. "Dr. Oz's Plan To Regain Your Energy." This episode gave great advice on ways that you can have more vitality so that you can accomplish what you want.  His advice includes giving your loved one a back massage upon and yourself a scalp rub, putting on high energy music and go outside to bask in the sun for ten minutes everyday. This "Dr Oz Show" episode will help cure the energy crisis that is affecting Americans.

  2. "Weight Loss Controversy: HCG Diet." This "Dr Oz Show" episode discusses what is involved in the HCG diet and if it is healthy or harmful. He has guests who have tried the diet tell their tales of how the diet worked for them. He then mentions some concerns such as the very low calorie meal plans and the effectiveness of HCG shots. This episode dealt with all the things that you need to know before you think about dropping pounds with this plan.

  3. "Bizarre Foods For Better Health." Viewers learn about exotic foods that are good for their body. Foods that are not common to everyday Americana are featured on this "Dr Oz Show" episode. It is fun to watch guests try the odd food choices but some end up liking their new food find.

  4. "Oz intervention: Life at 700 Pounds." Viewers get to see the struggles of a person who is morbidly obese. They also get to see what Dr. Oz recommends for this patient's intervention. This is a surprising look at how someone who is out of control can regain their life.

  5. "The Cancer Episode." It is important to keep up with the latest research on cancer so that you can learn effective ways to treat it and prevent it. Everyone should view this "Dr Oz Show" episode to learn about different types of cancers from prostate to lung cancer."

The "Dr. Oz Show" is not only educational, it is also fun to watch. You will hear about the newest diet crazes and discover effective treatments for everyday problems such as hair loss. Try to catch the next "Dr Oz Show" episodes if you haven't been viewing them already.