Last year, reality television fans couldn't wait to find out who won "Celebrity Apprentice 2010"? Spoilers were posted all over the internet before the finale episode of the show actually aired and their predictions were correct. Bret Michaels, former lead singer of the rock group Poison, won "Celebrity Apprentice 2010" and was "hired" by millionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump.

Bret Michaels won "Celebrity Apprentice 2010" by beating out runner-up Holly Robinson Peete during the final task. Both Michaels and Peete were commissioned to create a new Snapple tea flavor and then raise money for their respective charities by selling it. Michaels and his team developed the flavor "Trop-A-Rocka", while Peete created "Compassionberry Tea." While the Snapple executives liked both flavors, they gave the edge to Michaels and he won "Celebrity Apprentice 2010."

Both Michaels and Peete received $250,000 from Snapple for their charities. Peete's charity was the HollyRod Foundation, a non-profit group she started with her husband, Rodney, to increase awareness for autism. Michaels was playing for the American Diabetes Foundation, a cause he felt strongly about since both he and his young daughter are diabetic.

Michaels' "Celebrity Apprentice 2010" win was not without dramatic effect. About a month before the show's finale and after most of the show's footage had been taped, Michaels suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and remained in intensive care for several days. He returned to the show, but suffered a stroke shortly afterward and had to receive more medical treatment. He was later diagnosed with a hole in his heart after he began feeling numb on his left side. Despite his medical difficulties, Michaels appeared on the "Celebrity Apprentice 2010" finale and was crowned the winner.