If you want to know more about the host of the reality show  “Dirty Jobs” then you are looking for the Mike Rowe biography. Mike Rowe has become a recognized face on the Discovery Channel from his show “Dirty Jobs,” where he gets down and dirty. He goes where others would rather not and gives viewers a look into the jobs that most people don't know about, the jobs that require you to get dirtier than you have ever been, the jobs that are more dangerous than most can handle.

Mike Rowe celebrates his birthday on March 18. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives in San Francisco. Before getting into “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe attended college at Essex Community College and later graduated from Towson University. He tuned his vocal chords by singing professionally with the Baltimore Opera.

Along with hosting “Dirty Jobs,” he was also a producer on some episodes. He also loaned his voice for narration to “American Chopper,” “American Hot Rod,” Deadliest Catch,” Wild Pacific” and “Ghost Lab.” He has also lent his talents for product advertisement, appearing in commercials for Tylenol and Ford. Most recently, he can be seen as a spokesperson for Caterpillar equipment, Viva paper towels, and Lee jeans.

Viewers have seen Mike Rowe get into some of the dirtiest situations. From collecting semen from a horse to cleaning out boilers, from the nasty to the filthy, he has experienced what most would not. Mike Rowe has a website, mikeroweworks.com. The goal of the website is to bring back the skilled tradesman. The site offers state resources, national resources, job listings and much more.  

- Sandy Baird