What are the TV stations based in Denver Colorado? Denver is one of the larger metropolitan areas in the United States. As such, Denver has a number of TV stations based within its area. This provides a great diversity of options for the residents of Denver to choose from for their TV viewing pleasure. This article will provide a list of the stations and their call signs along with various other information, which will include a synopsis of their programming.

KCEC KCEC is TV50 and is owned by Entravision Communications Co. This channel has local shows and news broadcasts primarily in Spanish. Programs of interest might be "Primer Impacto Extra" and "Cero en Conducta."

KCNC KCNC is channel 4 in Denver and it is a CBS affiliate. It is owned and operated by CBS and shows a variety of their programs along with local news and other programs of interest which might include, "Survivor," "NCIS," "Amazing Race" and "Criminal Minds."

KDVR KDVR is channel 31 in Denver and is a Fox affiliate. KDVR shows Fox programming and has local news and weather. Programs of interest might include "Bones," "American Idol," "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons."

KMGH KMGH is channel 7 in Denver and it is an ABC affiliate. KMGH shows ABC programming and also has local news and weather along with other local programming. Programs available include, "Dancing with the Stars," "Grey's Anatomy," "Wipeout" and "Modern Family."

KPXC KPXC is channel 59 in Denver and is owned and operated by ION Media Networks in Denver. KPXC broadcasts a variety of programs unique to ION Networks such as Warner Brothers and various popular second run programs. These programs include "MASH," "My Name is Earl," "Criminal Minds" and "Ghost Whisperer" among others.

KRMA KRMA is channel 6 in Denver and is the flagship PBS station in Denver. It runs a variety of public broadcasting programming along with the local interest programming and fundraising programs, which are staples of public broadcasting networks. Programs of interest might include "Nova," "Nature" and "Masterpiece Theater."

KRMT KRMT is the digital channel 40 in Denver. This station is a Daystar Television Network affiliate and is owned by The Word Of God Fellowship Inc. Programming is a mix of religious programs. Programs include "Ever Increasing Faith," "TD Jakes" and "Paula White Today" along with many others.

KTVD KTVD is channel 20 in Denver owned by Gannet Co. and is a MyNetworkTv affiliate. It offers a full spectrum of first tun programming including MyNetworkTV programming, talk shows, children's shows and other local interest programs. Programs include "New Adventures of Old Christine," "King of Queens" and "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" among others.  

KUSA KUSA is channel 9 in Denver and is owned by Gannet. KUSA is an NBC affiliated station. Programming is a mix of NBC national programming and local news and other local interest programming. Programs will include "Chuck," "Saturday Night Live," "30 Rock" and "Dateline" among others.

KWGN KWGN is channel 2 in Denver, owned by the Tribune Co., is affiliated with The CW Television Network. Programming is a mix of CW original programs and a heavy mix of local and national news programming. Programs of interest might include "Supernatural," "Smallville," "Gossip Girl" and "One Tree Hill."

These are TV stations which originate from Denver Colorado. People in Denver are lucky to have ten local TV channels in their city. There is a wide variety of programming in Denver which will appeal to many different groups of people. Hopefully, there is something in the Denver TV channel lineup which will appeal to you.