The David Tutera biography is a fairytale in most people’s eyes because of the success he has had as both a wedding planner and bridal fashion designer. David Tutera started his business as an event planner at the young age of nineteen with only one-client and high dreams of success. Well, his business became a success thanks to his skill of being able to take ordinary ideas and turning them into something extraordinary for his clients.

Thanks to David Tutera’s grandfather noticing his talent and encouraging him at a young age, David’s business savvy and designs got him noticed by WE television. Thanks to WE television, David’s talent was displayed and the reality program allowed him to help women who were having trouble planning their weddings on their budget. This once unknown wedding planner has become a household to all that are interested in design and fashion.

David’s vision for creativity and style has caused his once small event planning business to grow to the point where he now has celebrity clients added to his business contact list.  Besides designing people’s dream weddings and parties, David also is the author of four books and is now the host of WE television’s show "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera". This 45 year old design favorite received an award from Life and Style Magazine for The Best Wedding Planner because of the wedding gowns he has designed for celebrities.

David Tutera has fulfilled his dreams of being successful in his design business. This business that started out as a one of a kind affair has still kept its vision with being unique. Because of David’s reputation in designing, his career is still soaring high with new ideas.