Groove on with the top 10 “Dancing with the Stars” season 9 cast. “Dancing with the Stars” is a TV show that teams celebrities with professional dancers for a dancing competition. The show stars out with 16 celebrities. These are the top 10 of the season 9 cast of “Dancing with the Stars” in the order that they placed on the show.

  1. Donny Osmond. The winner for “Dancing with the Stars” season 9 was paired with professional Kym Johnson. Osmond started his career as a singer in a group with his brothers called The Osmonds. He also had a variety show with his sister Marie and then later in the 90s they had a talk show together.

  2. Mya. This popular singer came in second with partner Dmitry Chaplin. Some viewers complained that Mya had too much dancing experience to be on “Dancing with the Stars” but she was a fast favorite on the show.

  3. Kelly Osbourne. The daughter of music legend Ozzy Osbourne was paired with Louis Van Amstel. Osbourne is a reality TV star, singer and actress. Before the show she had lost a lot of weight and looked amazing. The makeover did a lot to boost her popularity.

  4. Joanna Krupa. This model was paired with Derek Hough on season 9 of “Dancing with the Stars”. She had also appeared in a few minor movie and TV roles before the show.

  5. Araon Carter. This former teen-pop singer was paired with Karina Smirnoff. Carter was known for bubblegum hip hop songs and thousands 13-year-old female fans. He has also had a few TV show appearances and had a reality series with his siblings.

  6. Mark Dacascos. The host of “Iron Chef America” was paired with pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer. Dacadcos is also an actor who has had some TV roles. Many people felt he would have no problem learning choreography because of his martial arts experience.

  7. Michael Irvin. The former NFL football player was paired with Anna Demidova. Many fans were upset when the pair was off the show. There was just something entertaining about watching a former football player nail the choreography or totally mess it up each week. Irvin had a few brushes with the law as well and appearing on the show helped his image.

  8. Louie Vito. This snowboarder was paired with Chelsie Hightower. Vito also has a background in gymnastics, which many thought would help him on “Dancing with the Stars”.

  9. Melissa Joan Hart. This actress was paired with Mark Ballas. Hart is a former child star who also had a few roles as an adult. She also appeared in a racy Maxim photo spread to try and kick the “good girl” teen image.

  10. Natalie Coughlin. This Olympic swimmer was paired with Alec Mazo. Couglin is a highly decorated swimmer. She showed that she could move in the water a lot better than on the dance floor and rounds out the top ten of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 9 cast.