The “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast had some of the most popular set of characters pulled together. From actors to comedians to athletes, an assortment of B-list celebrities put on their dancing shoes and gave a twirl. Some were naturals on the dance floor, while others were more entertaining because of their klutzy ways.

  1. Jennifer Grey This actress appeared in the hit dance movie, “Dirty Dancing,” alongside Patrick Swayze. During “Dancing with the Stars,” the 2010 cast member wowed judges week after week and ultimately beat out the rest of the pack to earn the dancing title.

  2. Kyle Massey The “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast member is a popular Disney TV star who had roles on “That’s So Raven” and “Corey in the House.” He surprised the judges and audience with his dancing chops. His musical numbers were carefree and fun, earning him the runner up place in the competition.

  3. Bristol Palin A polarizing figure, the 2010 “Dancing with the Stars” cast member is daughter to politician Sarah Palin. She improved over time after training, but faced criticism after she beat out other, more skilled dancers like Brandy. She ultimately made it to the final three before being cut.

  4. Brandy This “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast member has enjoyed a lengthy singing and TV career. She came into the competition with natural dancing skills, but ended up placing fourth when Bristol Palin outscored her. Her cut was one of the most controversial results shows of the season.

  5. Kurt Warner A retired NFL football player, Kurt Warner played for the Giants, Rams, and Cardinals before becoming a “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast member. Despite his strapping physique, he was quite nimble on the dance floor and earned the fifth spot in the competition.

  6. Rick Fox Another athletic “Dancing with the Stars” cast member, Rick Fox played basketball for the Celtics and Lakers before retiring. He put in a worthy effort and turned from slam dunker to dancer. It wasn’t enough to win the competition, however, and he placed sixth.

  7. Audrina Patridge This reality star earned one of the middle spots in the competition as a “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast member. Before beginning the show, she appeared in the popular MTV reality show, “The Hills” and a few Carl’s Jr. commercials.

  8. Florence Henderson A TV personality for decades, Florence Henderson played the matriarch on “The Brady Bunch” throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s. She was the oldest “Dancing with the Stars” 2010 cast member and ended up respectably finishing in eighth place.

  9. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino The “Dancing with the Stars” cast member with the most bravado was definitely this “Jersey Shore” reality TV star. He failed to live up to all the hype he gave himself though, and finished in ninth place.

  10. Margaret Cho The comedian and actress is best known for her stand up comedy, but became a “Dancing with the Stars” cast member in 2010. She didn’t last too long in the competition and was the third contestant booted off.

  11. Michael Bolton This 2010 “Dancing with the Stars” cast member was a popular ‘90s singer known just as much for his hair as his voice. His dancing moves, however, failed to impress the judges on the show, and he was the second contestant eliminated.

  12. David Hasselhoff The “Baywatch” and reality TV star came on to the show with similar bravado to “The Situation.” His dancing movements were stiff and corny, which earned him the status as first cast member voted off on 2010’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

-Layla Sinclair