The “Jerseylicious” cast prances and struts through the Style Network show of the same name. Attempting to capitalize on the success of “Jersey Shore”, a show populated by mostly New Yorkers, “Jerseylicious” follows the exploits of the owners and employees of a salon in Greenbrook Township, New Jersey. The cast of the show offers all the guilty pleasures we expect from trashy reality TV. Here’s your guide to the five most interesting people on the show.

Tracy DiMarco isn’t at the top of the power structure in “Jerseylicious,” but she offers more outrageous moments, hilariously awful quotes and lack of self-awareness than anyone else on the show. A hair stylist at the salon, DiMarco is proud of her Internet nickname “Queen of Mean.” If you’ve seen even ten minutes of the show, chances are you’ve seen DiMarco verbally abusing someone to the point of tears. To her credit, DiMarco derided “Jersey Shore” for giving the state a bad name, but she hasn’t done much to rectify that with her image on “Jerseylicious.”

Olivia Blois Sharpe

Is the Gatsby Salon’s makeup artist. Described by the Style Network as one of the two breakout stars of the show—DiMarco is clearly the other—Sharpe gave viewers some “Jerseylicious” drama when she began dating Mikey, Tracy’s ex-boyfriend. Sharpe is a fan of ludicrous outfits, including one particularly choice piece with a lengthy gold shoulder pad resembling the dreadlocks of a Predator and a penchant for fake tans and eye makeup that make her look like an extra from “The Mummy”.

Filippo Giove

Serves as the intern and assistant at the salon. He is the “Jerseylicious” cast’s version of the The Situation. A native of Staten Island, New York, Giove takes his shirt off as frequently as he can and is often found standing about is strangely suggestive posses that make you wonder if he’s in love with himself. Giove’s ongoing internal monologue throughout which he explores his great dilemma—whether to open a chain of salons or a chain of pizza joints—serves as the comedic highlight of the show.


Is a heinous tool and by far the most superfluous member of the “Jerseylicious” cast. He doesn’t work at the salon, but in season two he ends up going to beauty school. In season three, he applies for a job at the salon. All of this is high drama because the man, who let it be noted apparently has no last name, is the ex-boyfriend of both DiMarco and Sharpe. DiMarco brought him around the salon as much as possible to torture her enemy, but Sharpe got the last laugh when she started smushing with Mikey. Lorenzo spends of good deal of time paling around with Giove, leaving us to ponder the true nature of their relationship.


Is the obligatory normal person on “Jerseylicious”. She’s got the looks of DiMarco or Sharpe but seems as though she’s actually interested in styling hair rather than feuding on national television. GiGi claims—with a surprisingly genuine conviction—to have joined the show to broaden her client base as a stylist, and regularly throws up her hands in exasperation when Olivia and Tracy throw down. Furthermore, GiGi uses her social media celebrity to advance awareness for issues like cruelty to animals. Can’t hate on that.

-William Gish