In a health-obsessed world with calorie counts and fat grams displayed even in fast food joints, it's easy to lose sigh of how sexy and intoxicating food can be, but these Cooking Channel show promise to bring sexy back. Whether you watch for the sultry hosts or the decadent recipes, these Cooking Channel shows are like a generous sprinkling of spice for your love life.

"Bitchin' Kitchen"

With her stiletto heels, four-finger rings, pinup girl looks and rag-tag cast of supporting characters, Nadia G.'s show feels half MTV, half Saturday Night Live skit. It makes sense, given the Gen-Y roots of this "Cooking Channel" show as a web series sensation. You won't just learn how to cook; you will learn how to cook for very awkward occasions such as impressing the in-laws or breaking up with your girlfriend. Nadia's derision for raw foodists and vegetarians is a big bonus; what's sexier than a woman who likes meat?

"Extra Virgin"

All right, so the title might be a smidge misleading considering the chefs on this "Cooking Channel" show are a married couple, but think of this show as a lesson in how sex monogamy can be – especially if you feast regularly on pizza fresh out of the backyard fire oven or eggs from hens in the backyard. Not only that, but hostess Debi Mazar of "Goodfellas" fame serves up a regular dose of sexy with skin-tight dresses and a gap-toothed smile. Co-host and husband Gabriele Corcos can teach you a thing or two about making every day feel like the very first time with his passion for food, family and his Tuscan farm. Starting out as an online series, the old world meets new in this "Cooking Channel" show, yet another way it is "extra virgin."

"David Rocco's Dolce Vita"

No doubt about it, when you see Chef David Rocco's self-satisfied grin as he digs into a bowl of noodles at the end of the opening credits: This guy cooks to an internal soundtrack of "I'm Too Sexy."  Indeed, this "Cooking Channel" show oozes sex appeal, with scintillating shots of Italian cities and beaches drenched in golden sunlight and Fellini-worthy people soaking it in – all while Rocco demonstrates rustic, real, simple Italian foods. When Rocco's wife joins him, you will envy more than the fine food and sumptuous landscapes; Rocco lives a sweet life indeed.

"Jamie at Home"

You've seen Jamie Oliver picking food fights in school cafeterias across the United States in his network show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution", and the man is not talking out of school. He lives up to his ideals, cooking with real, simple, wholesome ingredients. But this "Cooking Channel" show is about much more than great food; it is also a serious lesson in cooking like a man. Unlike many other famous chefs, this "Cooking Channel" star can whip up a great meal almost anywhere, not just a fancy kitchen. If you really want to impress your girlfriend, throw out the gadgets and go for something rustic such as cooking over a campfire.

"French Food at Home"

If you're aiming for sex appeal, French cuisine reigns supreme, so combine French food with a cute brunette Canadian chef oozing Parisian style, and you have a half hour of decadent temptation to keep you entertained. Laura Calder spent a decade in France and studied at Ecole de Cuisine LaVarenne so she knows from what she tastes. Once you see how simple elegant French meals really are, maybe you'll get the guts to try your gustatory powers on your next dinner date.

-Karrie Higgins