The “Celebrity Rehab” cast joins the reality television show to spend time with Dr. Drew Pinsky and a number of his staff members in order to fight their drug and alcohol addictions. The series allows fans to watch as their favorite celebrities fight to recover from their demons and turn their lives around. The cast includes television, movie, sports and music stars from all walks of life.

Dr. Drew Pinsky – Drew Pinsky is a television personality who specializes in addiction medicine. Other than his work on “Celebrity Rehab,” Pinsky hosts “Sex Rehab,” “Sober House” and the radio show “Loveline.” Pinsky works as a Professor of Psychiatry at USC.

Daniel Baldwin – A member of the famed Baldwin family, Daniel Baldwin has battled addiction with cocaine since the ‘80s. Baldwin was a member of the 2007 “Celebrity Rehab” cast but left the show after only four episodes. Baldwin is best known for starring in John Carpenter’s “Vampires.”

Joanie Laurer – Joanie Laurer is better known to WWE wrestling fans as Chyna. The former wrestler’s life spun out of control and she appeared as part of the “Celebrity Rehab” cast in 2008. Laurer claimed she was not an addict but, in 2010, was hospitalized after overdosing.

Steven Adler – Steven Adler was the original drummer for the rock band Guns N’ Roses. The band fired Adler due to substance abuse problems and, in 2008, he became part of the “Celebrity Rehab” cast. Adler appeared on the spinoff “Sober House” but relapsed early in the season.

Gary Busey – “Lethal Weapon” star Gary Busey became a member of the “Celebrity Rehab” cast in 2008. Busey is a recovering cocaine addict who suffered a head injury and brain damage after a motorcycle accident in 1988. Busey was a part of the show as a patient and a motivational leader.

Dennis Rodman – Former basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman became a member of the “Celebrity Rehab” cast in 2009. Rodman’s problems were alcohol related but he completed the recovery cycle and appeared in the second season of “Sober House.”

Tom Sizemore – Tom Sizemore has battled addiction since he was a teenager and appeared as part of the “Celebrity Rehab” cast in 2010. He served time in jail in 2005 for failing drug tests while on probation for assault against Heidi Fleiss, who also appeared on the reality show the same season.

Heidi Fleiss – Heidi Fleiss is a former Hollywood madam who appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” the same year as her ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore in 2010. Fleiss and Sizemore agreed to appear together despite an expired restraining order placed against Sizemore in 2003. She appeared in “Sober House” as well.

Jeremy London – One of the London twins, Jeremy London is the one who appeared in “Mallrats.” Jeremy appeared as a “Celebrity Rehab” cast member in the fourth season due to an addiction to crack cocaine. Jeremy was also involved in a kidnapping scheme where he was taken at gunpoint by an assailant.

Eric RobertsEric Roberts, the brother of Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts, appeared as part of the “Celerity Rehab” cast in the fourth season. While Roberts has used cocaine in the past, his appearance was for medical marijuana and he wanted to give up all drugs from his life.

-Shawn Lealos